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User Questions & Answers about Balance Transfers

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Here you can ask or find questions about balance transfers. All questions about balance transfer credit cards, intro APR, balance transfer fees and other related questions are gathered here at your convenience. Or feel free to address your question to out experts.

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I bought some stuff for kitchen using Williams Sonoma credit card and now I want to transfer the balance from this card to a card with 0% interest. I got the card under impression of a big discount without paying attention to the interest that turned out to be too high. What 0% interest credit card can I get? My score is slightly above 700.

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With your current credit score, you may qualify for almost any credit card with 0% on balance transfers provided all your current credit accounts are in good standing, you do not have recent late payments and maxed out accounts. Continue reading
I applied for Bob’s Furniture credit card to finance my sofa. They gave me only 6 months and they are about to end. I still have about $300 balance and do not want to pay the interest which is crazy. Can I transfer the balance to a 0% APR credit card?

Answered on

You can transfer that balance to a credit card with a 0% intro APR on balance transfers. For example, it can be the Discover it -18 Month Balance transfer card. The card has 18 months of no interest on balance transfers and 6 months of no interest on purchases. The balance transfer fee is standard – 3%... Continue reading
Is AARP credit card good for transferring balances from other cards to this one?

Answered on

AARP credit card is not the best choice to transfer your balances. This card has 12 month 0% intro APR on balance transfer period. But it also has a balance transfer fee that is 3% or $5 fee for each balance transfer. You can apply for a regular credit card that has a 0% balance transfer fee. There are... Continue reading
If I put my WS purchases to Discover it Miles card, will I earn miles? And do balance transfers earn rewards? I want to close my WS card but it has some balance on it.

Answered on

Yes, you will earn miles rewards on all your purchases. The Discover it Miles card does not limit you to travel only or specific purchases. You can use the card everywhere and earn 1.5 miles for every dollar spent. Balance transfers, do not earn rewards. However, we would not recommend you use this card... Continue reading
I want to close my Maurice credit card and transfer its balance on a new credit card. What can you recommend?

Answered on

A balance transfer credit card can be a good option for you if you have good credit. Balance transfer credit cards are usually offered to people with fair to excellent credit, that is a FICO credit score of 670 and higher. So, if your credit score falls in this range, you can transfer the Maurices card... Continue reading
I have an HSN credit card with some balance on it and I was wondering if I can transfer it to 0% interest rate credit card. My TU score is close to 700.

Answered on

Your credit score is good enough to get you a decent balance transfer credit card. You can see our balance transfer offers to find the one that is good for your credit. Despite that balance transfer credit card come with a zero introductory period, they still charge fees. Thus, most balance transfer... Continue reading
I have a Big Lots credit card with the balance about $1,000 and I was wondering if I can transfer it to 0% interest credit card. My credit is in 700s with Equifax.

Answered on

It is surely possible to transfer your balance on the Big Lots credit card to a new balance transfer credit card. Most balance transfer offers are designed for people with average to excellent credit and your credit score falls in this range. Continue reading
What is the Lowe’s Project card?

Answered on

The Lowe's Project card is an additional form of financing for Lowe's goods. You can fill out an application online, but you can only print it to bring to the store. You go in to a Lowe's and discuss a certain type of project and determine some amounts and time frames. What this option basically offers... Continue reading
I have Fleet Farm credit card with big balance on it and want to transfer it to another card to pay off. What would you recommend? My credit is good.

Answered on

Since your credit is good, you can choose any credit card that offers 0% intro APR on balance transfers. You can choose the zero introductory period that is good for you. Continue reading

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