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Best Credit Cards with High Limit For You

from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and
American Express
Almost everybody wishes to be approved for a credit card with a possibly high credit limit. But only those with a good credit rating and well-being on the whole can get a credit line as high as it can be.
High Limit for Good Credit
Credit Card for Fair Credit with No Annual Fee
Credit Card for Bad Credit with gas rewards
Credit line for people with no credit
Milestone Gold MasterCard®
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  • Pre-Qualification Available.
  • Quick and Easy.
  • No Impact to Your Credit Score.
Credit needed:

You can apply if: your credit seen up and downs, but now it is stable and you manage it responsibly: you’re making on time payments every month and staying within limits now.

Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard®
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  • No Annual Fee.
  • 2X cash back rewards on purchases for gas, groceries and utilities.
  • 1X cash back rewards on all other purchases.
Credit needed:

fair Credit
This credit offer is for people with Fair credit history.

Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa®
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  • Our Platinum Visa protects you with $0 fraud liability if your card is ever lost or stolen. Rest easy knowing you won't be responsible for unauthorized charges.
  • All the bonus features you want in a credit card are included. Get 1% cash back on gas and grocery purchases (terms apply). Track your progress over time with free online monthly credit score tracking. And, you could receive credit line increase opportunities.
  • Get Pre-Qualified for a Platinum Visa credit card.
Credit needed:

bad Credit
You can apply if: you have late payments or maxed out credit balance; you have more than one foreclosure, repossession, defaulted on a loan more than once or have a recently discharged bankruptcy; you have been declined for a credit card in the last three months.

Horizon Gold Credit Card
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  • Guaranteed Approval!
  • No Employment Check.
  • Reports to a Major Credit Bureau.
Credit needed:

limited/no Credit
You can apply if: you have no credit, you have never had credit cards and other loans before or you’ve had a credit card or a loan for less than 3 years.


The Limit on Your Credit Card: The Degree of Your Freedom

Every card applicant is eager to be approved for a possibly higher credit line. What factors are the limit determinants?

A credit line amount depends on the card applicants' credit risk. A credit risk degree is determined by a number of factors; they are an income level, a permanent job, a credit history and others. The degree of risk affects the interest rates as well.

Actually, your chances to be approved for a high limit credit card get higher if you already have an account with that credit card company.

Anyway, the wise thing is to shop around and have a good look at the card offers from the different companies. The points to compare are the rates, the credit limits, incentives and bonuses, penalties, and other charges.

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The Right Credit Limit to Improve Credit

High limit on a credit card is a principal point when shopping around for a card offer. Sure, the high limit could not be so high for a limited credit person. It is more wisely to find a credit card with a credit line amount up to your credit capacities.

Credit offers for fair credit are made up especially for those who need support on their way to a good credit rating. The credit line of $3000 is just right to use a credit card smartly. It is high enough to make purchases and to have emergency money. At the same time, not so high limit on your card makes you to be disciplined and act according to your interim credit status.


How long have you had a loan or credit card?

Do you have a credit card or loan? If yes, when did you open your first credit account or get the first loan?
The longer your credit history is, the better credit card you can apply for.

Have you ever been declared bankrupt or defaulted on a loan?

Have you ever been subject of bankruptcy, foreclosure or repossession? Or have you been defaulted on a loan?
If yes, it will negatively influence on your credit score and the range of credit cards you are eligible for.

Have you been late on any credit card or loan in the last year?

Have you missed or delayed payments on your loans?
Frequent credit delays can be negatively noted in your credit history.

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Month-by-Month Credit Limit Increase

If your customer behavior is far from exemplary, there could be some limit restrictions. Credit card companies provide special credit programs to help build a credit history. You are approved for the initial credit line about $300. But your lenders review your credit limit monthly in order to increase your credit amount. Thus, your chances to get a better credit status are increasing with every passing month.

The banks that offer credit card deals for limited credit consumers provide the opportunities to keep your credit rating growth under a personal control. You've got a 24-hour access by phone and the opportunity to get an online education. Your payment performance is regularly reported to the 3 credit-scoring agencies. So if you use your card smartly, you're sure to improve your credit score!

Credit Card FAQ

The latest questions about high limit credit cards:

There are many cards available for people with fair credit. Your credit limit will depend on your credit score as well as your income – the card issuer will want to know that you have enough funds to pay the minimum balance due on your card each month.


You can consider applying for the Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card. The card comes with 0% intro APR which will last until November 2015. After that interest rate will be between 12.9% and 22.9% but if you pay off the card balance each month, you won’t pay any interest.

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Credit Card Glossary

Credit Limit - Every credit card has its own maximum credit amount extended by lender to a client. That is the sum of ...
Credit Limit - Every credit card has its own maximum credit amount extended by lender to a client. That is the sum of money that a credit card company will allow a card holder to take out at once. This limit is usually based and determined on information contained in the application form.
Credit Limit Increase - This is an increment of credit amount so that card holder has access to a larger sum of money. The ...
Credit Limit Increase - This is an increment of credit amount so that card holder has access to a larger sum of money. The increase can be done after 6 month card use in two possible ways. The first is bank itself increase credit limit as sees that card is in regular and proper use. Second: card holder asks for a higher credit limit by calling or filling special form.
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No Pre-Set Limit for Good Credit

Credit cards with no pre-set credit limit are preferred card offers for good credit applicants. The credit card limit is set by a bank depending on the transactions history, the consumer behavior, the payment history and other factors. You set your own limit by your spending as much as you can afford it. The obligatory thing to do is to make the monthly settlement of your credit card bill in full.

The risky thing is credit-scoring agencies use the highest balance on your card instead of the limit to determine the credit utilization (the ratio between the credit limit and the balance on the card). It's better for your credit score to utilize up to 30% of the credit line. How to avoid the undesirable no pre-set limit effects? Try to make a solid charge on the card in order to support a suitable balance, be moderate and calculating.