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Credit Card Applications » News » Products » From Ramen to Revelry: a Smart Student`s Guide to Spring Break Spending

From Ramen to Revelry: a Smart Student`s Guide to Spring Break Spending

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For college students, spring break means putting away pencils and textbooks and relaxing for a few days. A few bookworms hunker down and study throughout the break, and homesick freshmen may want to retreat to the nest, but most kids itch for an adventure with their friends. After all, who doesn`t think of spring break as a time to go a little bit wild, MTV Beach-Party style?

But how do hardworking college students fund the kind of spring-break adventures that will provide crazy anecdotes they can recount to friends for years to come? Between tuition, textbooks, and transportation, most students don`t have a lot of cash lying around to spend on beach houses, exclusive clubs, or far-flung destinations.

From Penny-Pincher…

One thing savvy students can do to plan ahead for an unforgettable spring break is to use a reliable cash-back student credit card, such as the Capital One Journey Student Rewards card, for purchases throughout the school year. The Capital One Journey Student Rewards card offers 1% cash back on things like gas, food, textbooks, and other necessities. Students have to buy these things anyway, so why not get some money back to tuck away for that well-deserved vacation?

Let`s say a student spends $1,200 on textbooks, $1,000 on food and gas, and $3,000 on miscellaneous shopping and socializing throughout the semester. (Average amounts spent by undergraduate college students, according to Michael Germanovsky, Editor-in-Chief of If these purchases are made on a 1% cash-back credit card, that puts $52 back in the student`s pocket.

Assuming the student pays off the card on time every month, Capital One Journey Student Rewards is the only credit card that offers an additional bonus for paying bills on time: 25% cash-back on each month`s cash-back reward. That turns a $52 reward into $65! Remember though, all purchases must be paid off immediately, or the interest accrued will cancel out any rewards earned.

…To Partier

Granted, $65 may not be a huge amount of money, but let`s look at some of the incredible deals out there for weary college students seeking the perfect (and perfectly affordable) spring-break vacation package.

For the student who has seen “The Hangover” a few too many times and thinks Las Vegas sounds like the perfect place for a wild time, the MTV Spring Break Las Vegas package offers three nights at the Palms Casino Resort and gives the 21-and-over crowd access to exclusive MTV parties and events, express entry into clubs like Ghost Bar, Moon, and the Playboy Club, and even admission to an MTV casting call! Use that $65 cash-back bonus, and this $199 deal starts at just $134.

If lying on a sandy beach and playing in the ocean sounds like a better time, another beautiful spring break destination is Panama City, Florida. Student City offers a 7-night stay in Panama City Beach and exclusive access to parties where the food and beer are included. Free beer and the beach – isn`t that what spring break is all about? This package starts at only $224, and using that $65 cash-back, it becomes only $159.

Those deals are only the beginning of what`s out there for spring-break deal-seekers – with a little research, there are many amazing bargains to be found. And with the smart use of a cash-back credit card, forward-thinking students can afford a spring break they`ll remember long after graduation.

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