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Hi, it’s Peggy Lee, VP Partners, Together, we can create a BIG, new Ancillary Revenue Source for YOU as a Marketing Partner

Get 67% Bonus on April 2018 Earnings if you start marketing with us before March 31, 2018…


  1. Add a promotional Link onto an itinerary, reservation, email signature, newsletter or ad on a website.
  2. Your client clicks thru to our Search Engine and finds the best card for their needs from top Brands: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express - “no International currenсy transaction fees, best credit card for weddings - get honeymoon with points”, etc.
  3. We track by agent and agency and pay you a marketing fee, with financial and marketing reports.

It’s so easy to set up and try - start up time and resource requirements are minimal. We will have you up and earning $$$$ in 24 hours.


Easy Referral for Sell to Your Customers


Key Benefits of Getting a New Travel Credit Card for Customer:

  • Big Sign-up bonus 50,000 = $500
  • According 2017 Study Avg American Spend $721 domestically and $3,870 internationally
    If your customer does not carry a credit card with No foreign transaction fees, he will be charged by his card issuer a 3% on all his purchases oversea . On $3,870 it would equal $116.10 in saving for YOUR customers.
  • Car Rental Insurance can cost as much as $19 per day.
    Most Travel Credit Cards will cover it for free as long as you pay for car rental with their credit cards.
    *Avg 10 Days Saving $190

…by simply referring your clients and subscribers to our Credit Card Search Engine. you give your client a breadth of options to save money and earn travel points! A great value added service!

Recommend The Best Credit Card Rewards For Your Customers:

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Our company launched a credit card search engine 17+ years. Since 2000, we established direct partnerships with different banks/credit card issuers, providing consumers an easy way to access, compare and apply to various credit card options based on credit grade, card feature and card issuer.