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Credit Cards Chart

Updated: February 5, 2016

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Credit Cards Chart

Have you ever tried to realize what steps a credit card company takes to make you a loyal customer? If you have applied for credit cards just out of desire to be in step with the present day reality - cashless society - then you are an easy game for a creditor to make revenues at your ignorance and bent for fashion.

Thoughtful cardholders look for more things than the mere trend to go cashless or just the status of a credit card owner as such. They compare the offers, the rates, fees and rewards and come up with a certain card supposed to be top of the wallet.

The laborious task of any credit card company or bank is then to make you loyal to any of their credit products and apply for it. And when a customer knows exactly what features of a credit card offer need his or her prime consideration, his or her loyalty will make the deal mutually beneficial.

We are here to help you know about the major strategies and latest tacks which you need to consider making a credit card comparison chart and choosing the best variant from business or student credit cards , secured or best rewards credit card offers.

So, in order to get to the top of your wallet, creditors have introduced such perks as rewards or 0% interest rate for the grace period or no annual fees. However, these are becoming insufficient and more sophisticated and experienced customers are now looking for more flexibility in the credit card terms and more control.

It appears that the key points in the application decision process today are the flexibility in terms and retail categories and customers' control. What's great is that more and more customers will have these features to compare as more banks will copy each other to heat up competition.

Now, what credit issuers are the innovators in the loyalty industry? Capital One bank seems to have gone much farther than others in the quality of its service and profitability of its credit card applications. What does it offer?

Capital One allows you to create your own credit card or at least a better fit for your special needs and requirements! Its new online service offers a special menu of credit card terms covering rates, rewards and other features.

There is one "but", however. You cannot just choose the best variant as it won't be any benefit to the issuer. The choosing process is regulated and limited to a defined extent. For instance, you won't be able to combine such features as lavish rewards and low interest rate at the same time as these are two alternative features by definition.

Aiming to get to the top of your wallet, these credit companies are extending your choice of retailers to earn rewards at.

What does it mean? Well, if not so long ago your Chase Freedom card offered you 3% cash back reward for shopping in three categories only (gasoline, commuting and groceries), then today the bank has increased this number from 3 to 15!

In spring you could get 5% cash back on home and cloth-related purchases whereas in summer you are awarded 5% cash back on your gasoline and hotel expenses.

So, credit companies spare neither strength nor resources on their loyalty programs but they will never let you maximize the rewards. It means that even with such new features as terms flexibility and expanded cash back, you will still have some restrictions, such as lower cash refunds after a certain period or restrictions on the amount you can earn with the cash back program.

Read the fine print and watch out.

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