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I’m assuming you already know that SUVs are terrible for the environment and public transportation is cheap, right? Oh sorry – city girl, here. Hang on while I think back to the gas-guzzling days of my youth, behind the wheel on the open road . . . is that Foreigner playing on the radio?

Okay then – listen up. Gas station branded credit cards almost always have crazy-high APRs and an average rebate value of only about two percent. Not a very good deal, when you think about it. You’ll shell out $80 on a tank of gas and only get $1.60 back – not even enough for a Super Big Gulp. And if you don’t pay off your entire balance each month, you’ll get hit with that sky-high APR and all your savings will be burned up along with the gas you bought.

What to do?

Get a regular credit card from a major bank. Issuers like Discover offer great cash back rewards, and usually give five percent back on gas for at least three months out of each year – sometimes more. That’s because they do that seasonally-rotating five percent cash back deal, up to $75 cash back each quarter. That’s almost a full tank of gas!

There are other cash back cards that give great rewards on gas too, like the American Express Blue Cash Preferred or the Chase Freedom card. Cards like these have lower APRs, better terms overall, and offer cash back on all your purchases, not just gas.

Now, apply for that cash back credit card and put the pedal to the metal. Do me a favor and blast a little Foreigner for me next time you hit the highway – and please drive safely!