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User Questions & Answers about Balance Transfers

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Here you can ask or find questions about balance transfers. All questions about balance transfer credit cards, intro APR, balance transfer fees and other related questions are gathered here at your convenience. Or feel free to address your question to out experts.

Recently Answered Questions:

What you should know about balance transfer deals?

Answered on

Everyone has heard about balance transfer deals. It is a word that credit card users keep hearing again and again. You may have wondered what it is or wanted to opt for a good deal on it. It is a good idea if you are accumulating a lot of bills on your credit card and want […] Continue reading

How you can make the most of 0 on balance transfers?

Answered on

It is invariable that sometimes things just don’t go as planned especially when it comes to credit cards and your finances. Credit card debts are difficult to deal with and you must find a way to sort things out without adding to the already existing debt. When you find credit card payments getting… Continue reading

What should I take into consideration before opting for interest free balance transfers?

Answered on

The concept of balance transfers is extremely beneficial to people with a poor credit history and high credit card debts. Credit card lenders have come up with exclusive balance transfer credit cards with amiable terms and conditions that can work in favor of the consumers. However, if you indeed want… Continue reading

What are the benefits of applying for interest free balance transfer cards?

Answered on

Balance transfers are a blessing for people who having high credit card debts spread over multiple credit cards. With the interest rates differing on each card, customers end up paying through their nose to clear off the dues on all of them. Most often than not, paying the dues each month on all these… Continue reading

What are the various myths associated with this promise?

Answered on

Many people see the feature of 0% APR on balance transfers as a soled reason for applying for any credit card. While this is definitely a desirable feature to have, there is more to this than meets the eye. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you get all your facts correct before you do go […] Continue reading

What are some of the useful tips for 0% balance transfer credit cards?

Answered on

If you have huge card debts the best thing to do would be to find balance transfer credit cards that have 0% APRs. This is a very good strategy to reduce card debt. Irrespective of whether you have store card debts or credit card debts the 0% balance transfer cards are a simple solution to […] Continue reading

Are balance transfers as appealing as they sound?

Answered on

In theory, you have the power to go for credit card balance transfers for as many years as you like. It is however, a temporary solution and must be chosen only by those who know they would be able to make their payments on time, and also possess a good credit rating. Getting a transfer […] Continue reading

What are the facts you should know about balance transfer on your credit cards?

Answered on

Are you getting choked off by your huge credit card debts? Have you been struggling to get out of this deep hole? If you have credit available on any one of your cards, then balance transfer might be the most powerful weapon for you to combat the fight. As the name suggests, it is a […] Continue reading

Is 0 on balance transfers a good deal?

Answered on

Balance transfer credit cards almost went extinct during the recession when a lot of card issuers closed down the accounts of customers with balance transfer offers. A balance transfer card allows a customer to pay off an outstanding balance on another credit card and move the balance to the new card…. Continue reading

What is zero percent on balance transfers?

Answered on

Credit card balance transfers are offered by companies or financial institutions to lure consumers to avail a credit card or other services from them. Users having a bad credit history or poor credit scores in general, can use balance transfers intelligently to save money they would otherwise waste in… Continue reading

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Intro APR on Balance Transfer: 0% 15 months on Balance Transfers

Ongoing APR on Balance Transfer: 15.49% - 25.49% (Variable)

Balance Transfer Fee: 3% of each balance transfer; $5 minimum.

Excellent, Good Credit

Intro APR on Balance Transfer: 0% Intro APR for 12 months

Ongoing APR on Balance Transfer: Variable APR of 14.99% - 24.99% will apply after the Introductory Period

Balance Transfer Fee: Either $10 or 4%, whichever is greater, will apply on each balance transfer and credit card check

Good, Excellent Credit
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Intro APR on Balance Transfer: 0% 18 months on Balance Transfers*

Ongoing APR on Balance Transfer: 15.99% - 25.99% (Variable)

Balance Transfer Fee: 3% of each balance transfer; $5 minimum.

Excellent, Good Credit
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Balance Transfer: Save on Average $1,400

May 08, 2015

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