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We know how hard it is to get a credit card, especially if your credit is bad. And it is good if there’s someone, who can help you with this. That’s why our qualified experts are always up for your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Recently Answered Questions:

I’ve just started building my credit and thinking to apply for BrandsMart credit card. Do you think it is good for me?

Answered on

As a rule, store credit cards are offered to people with average and even bad credit. They are often used to build some credit as well. Continue reading

Will I build credit with a store credit card?

Answered on

You will be able to build your credit using a store credit card. Continue reading

I am fairly new to the world of credit and I was recently looking into finding a credit card to sign up for. Since this is the first credit card I will ever have, I’m a little confused about what card I should apply for. I heard there might be a Hollister card. If there is, do you think I should apply for it?

Answered on

There is no Hollister credit card. The only kinds of cards offered by Hollister are e-gift cards and regular gift cards. If you are looking into finding a credit card to use as a tool to begin building your credit history, there are a few things you want to make sure you get with that card. Continue reading

My friend has a Hess credit card and I like its features. Do you think it is a good card to start with? I’ve never used a credit card before.

Answered on

It would be a good option for you if it weren’t expired. The Hess credit card is no longer available to new applicants. However, there are many other credit card offers you may like and that are good for those who are just starting their credit history. Continue reading

I am new to the world of credit and I wanted to begin establishing my credit history. I was looking at several potential credit cards and there were a few that interested me. One card that I liked was the Yamaha credit card, because I was thinking of buying a motorcycle at Capitol Yamaha. Do you think that’s a good card for me to start with?

Answered on

If you are a person who is new to the world of credit and you are looking for a credit card to use as a tool to begin building your credit profile, there are a few specific features you are going to want to have in that card. Continue reading

I am new to the world of credit and I was trying to look for a credit card to use so I can start building my credit profile and shop at Aeropostale online. I have a few cards that I’ve been considering, but I wanted to know, is there any specific credit card you can recommend?

Answered on

The thing about finding a credit card to use as a tool to start building your credit profile is that there are several important features you are going to want that card to have. Continue reading

I want to build credit and want to know if I can do this using a credit card from a gas station like RaceTrac? I often buy their gas.

Answered on

RaceTrac does not offer a consumer credit card, only business credit cards. Nevertheless, we would not recommend you to apply for a credit card offered by a gas station. Typically such credit cards are for people with established credit. Continue reading

I am new to the world of credit and I have absolutely no information on my credit profile. I was looking to change this, so I began looking into credit cards so I can choose one to apply for. I found the Chadwicks card and became very interested. Do you think the Chadwicks card is a good card for me to start with?

Answered on

When it comes to looking for a card to use as a tool to start building your credit profile, you want to take into consideration all of the components you are going to want to have on that card. Continue reading

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