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Everyone who doesn’t have outstanding credit is striving for good and then excellent credit. Our experts are able to help you in your endeavor to gain a better credit score. If you have some doubts or any questions, you can freely consult with our qualified experts.

Recently Answered Questions:

If I don’t have a bank account and I do have pretty bad credit are there any cards that I can get to help me start rebuilding my credit?

Answered on

You can apply for a secured credit card. These cards do not require a bank account, but you will have to make a security deposit. The amount of the deposit will be around $200 and your credit limit will be equal to this amount in most cases. Make sure the card you select reports to […] Continue reading

What credit score is considered poor?

Answered on

Credit scores are calculated by consumer credit bureaus. Every credit bureau has its own unique formula to calculate your score so they differ slightly. But the average score rating is: Bad credit: 350 to 619 Fair credit: 620 to 659 Good credit: 660 to 749 Excellent credit: 750 to 850 You should… Continue reading

I just recently checked my credit score and it’s 563. I was told that the only way I can rebuild it is with a prepaid credit card that reports to credit bureaus. But which credit card will I get approved for?

Answered on

Most prepaid cards do not report to the credit bureaus. To rebuild your credit history you should apply for an unsecured or secured credit card. The secured card is a good option for you because they are for those with bad credit. To get a secured credit card you will have to pay a collateral […] Continue reading

I have not had a credit card in the last 7 or 8 years, but have an excellent record for a secured auto loan that was paid off 5 years ago. I’ve operated on a cash basis since then using a debit card through my bank. I need to re-build or re-establish my credit. Thank you

Answered on

Before you start looking at credit cards, check your credit report. You need to know your current credit score to apply for the right credit card. Once you know your score, go to our credit card navigator. Answer three questions and it will display the cards you would be eligible for that meet your… Continue reading

My overall debt is approximately $7,500, with $444 of it past due and in collections. The remaining balance (all previously defaulted student loans) has been consolidated and I’m current on my payments for 11 months now. With a credit score averaging 576 what type of cards should I be searching for?

Answered on

You should look for secured credit cards. These cards are created for those who have a negative credit history, but they want to improve their credit score. Secured credit cards require a collateral deposit. Otherwise, the secured credit cards work just like unsecured credit cards, and may even offer… Continue reading

I have never had a loan from a bank or a credit card. I have a lot of hospital bills on my credit report that should not be there because they are paid by my medical card. That’s also the reason I can’t have a bank account. So with bad or no credit how can I get a credit card that’s not prepaid?

Answered on

The medical bills may appear on your credit report if they were turned over to collections. These bills stay on your credit report for up to seven years, even if they’ve been paid off or settled. You can try to improve your current credit situation by applying for a secured credit card. This card is… Continue reading

Can I get a credit card with no credit and no bank account? If so, can you tell me where I can get one?

Answered on

Yes, you can. It is easier to get a credit card if you have a bank account though. You can consider credit cards for limited/no credit history if do have not had a card or loan before. You should request your credit report to see what your current credit history is and choose a card […] Continue reading

Hi, I’m interested in getting a credit card but so far haven’t been able to find one that will approve me. The problem is I have no credit history. Is it possible to get a card with limited or no history?

Answered on

Yes, it is possible to find a card even if you have no credit history. We have a special page with cards for people with limited/no credit history. These cards should be good for you. If somehow you can’t find a suitable card amid those offers, then consider secured credit cards. These cards are created… Continue reading

What credit card is good to apply for after bankruptcy?

Answered on

If you want to reestablish your credit after bankruptcy, you can apply for a secured credit card. If you use this card responsibly, you will be able to improve your credit score. If you do not want a secured credit card, you can consider credit cards for bad credit history.  For example, you may like… Continue reading

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