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User Questions & Answers about Limited/Bad/Fair Credit

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Everyone who doesn’t have outstanding credit is striving for good and then excellent credit. Our experts are able to help you in your endeavor to gain a better credit score. If you have some doubts or any questions, you can freely consult with our qualified experts.

Recently Answered Questions:

I have bad credit, but have never had a credit card and want to build my credit. What are the chances of being approved?

Answered on

You can apply for a secured credit card. You have a better chance of getting approved for this card as the banks protect themselves by asking you to deposit around $200 as collateral. It could be more or less, depending on the credit card issuer and your preferences. You will be able to improve your… Continue reading

This is my first time applying for a credit card. I just started my full-time job as a caregiver. I need to know if I am eligible to get a credit card, and if yes, when? It’s only been 2 weeks since I started my job.

Answered on

A stable job history and income are the things banks will check first if you have no credit history. To lessen the risk of denial, you can apply for a secured credit card. These cards require collateral. This means that you will have to deposit a certain amount, about $200, to get this card. Your… Continue reading

I have never had a credit card and I do not have any credit built. I was hoping you could recommend a credit card that is not prepaid. I would rather not have 10 different credit card companies check my credit, so I am looking for a card with a high approval rate.

Answered on

Consider credit cards for those who have no credit history. These credit cards have competitive APRs and low annual fees. To get approved you should show sufficient income, a stable job, and a bank account. These are the things a credit card issuer will check first. Continue reading

What is mostly on my credit report are medical bills. How can I re-establish my credit?

Answered on

Your credit score may be affected by outstanding medical bills, but not as significantly as if it would be for outstanding credit card bills. The medical bills will affect your credit score only if they are sent for collection. To reestablish your credit, you should pay off your medical bills or dispute… Continue reading

I am trying to rebuild my credit but I keep getting turned down for offers although I did get a First Premier MasterCard recently. But I want to get another credit card.

Answered on

First PREMIER MasterCard is not a shopping credit card. It is a general consumer credit card which can be used everywhere it is accepted. The card issuer will report your credit performance to the major credit bureaus. If you don’t like First PREMIER products, you can consider secured credit card… Continue reading

Are there any credit cards that will give you a second chance at building credit by giving you a credit card with a small limit without outrageous fees?

Answered on

These cards are secured credit cards. The bank offering these cards gives you the opportunity to build or rebuild your credit. The cards have reasonable APRs and fees. You can choose a spending limit by depositing a certain sum of money as collateral. You can deposit $200 or more. Your credit limit will… Continue reading

I’m 25 and have never had a credit card. I don’t really know what my credit score is and I don’t have a bank account. How do I get a credit card? What do I do?

Answered on

If you’ve never had a credit card and have no bank account, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be given a credit card. If you have a steady annual income you can freely consider credit cards for limited/no credit history. The most important thing to consider is whether the card issuer reports to… Continue reading

I am looking for low interest, no annual fee, and a small credit line (about $500) to work on building my credit back up.

Answered on

Consider secured credit cards. These cards offer low credit limits (from $200 and up), and they send reports to major credit bureaus to help you rebuild your credit. However, it will be hard to find a card which has both low interest rates and no annual fee. Perhaps you should focus on getting a card… Continue reading

My credit score is 66 what are the odds of getting a credit card?

Answered on

You have indicated that you declared bankruptcy once, so a secured credit card is probably what you need. To get a secured credit card, you will need to pay a security deposit as collateral, usually starting from $200.  Except security deposit, secured credit cards act in the same way as unsecured,… Continue reading

My credit score is 648. Can I still apply for a credit card? If yes, which ones do you recommend? And why does my score go down when I apply for a card?

Answered on

Your score may go down if you apply too often. Banks make a hard inquiry about your credit, which may affect your score especially if you apply several times in a row. Also, this may result in your credit application being denied due to too many inquires. You should wait about six months before applying… Continue reading

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February 28, 2015

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