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‘Credit Cards’ is not the easiest subject and we understand that you may have lots of different questions related to it. That’s why our experienced experts are always here to help you. You can ask any question related to credit cards or scroll down to see if answered questions below can help you.

Recently Answered Questions:

I am currently interested in applying for the Walmart credit card, but I don’t know what benefits I would receive by applying for it. Do you know what benefits are included with the Walmart credit card and you believe it is worth applying for?

Answered on

The Walmart card provides a decent amount of shopping benefits. If you’re lucky enough to apply for their card during a promotional offer period, you will be able to receive a discount on your first purchase. In addition to this, all Walmart MasterCard holders will have access to everyday rewards…. Continue reading

I think to fill out a firestone credit card application, but it is my first credit card, and I’m not sure that I’ll be qualified for this card. Can you give me an idea what to do?

Answered on

We would not recommend you get the Firestone credit card as your first credit card. This card is mostly for consumers with established credit history. But don’t worry if you don’t have a credit history. There are a lot of cards for limited or no credit. You can also apply for a secured… Continue reading

My mobile operator is AT&T and I pay large bills for my phone. Is it sensible to apply for the AT&T credit card?

Answered on

If you are planning on taking this credit card just for the sake of paying AT&T bills, then it’s virtually useless. The Citibank AT&T Universal Savings Platinum card offers 0.5% back on the first $250 in purchases you make; if you make purchases of between $250.01-$750, you earn 1% back… Continue reading

We are remodeling our home we would like a line of credit for improvements. We would like credit up to 3,000 dollars. Please show us how we can get this limit.

Answered on

With excellent credit history, you can apply for virtually any credit card, and we would recommend you apply for a credit card with a 0% intro APR. Continue reading

I am currently planning on buying tires for my card at Firestone store within the next few weeks. I want to get some rewards on my purchase, I don’t want to apply for the firestone credit card.

Answered on

You have right that you don’t want to apply for the firestone credit card. Usually store credit cards have high interest rates and give less rewards if any. You can apply for a regular credit card with a rewards program. We recommend you apply for one of Discover cards as they have the most… Continue reading

My cat needs a surgery and our vet suggested Care Credit. I looked through it and think it’s a bit expensive and tricky. Is there an alternative to Care Credit?

Answered on

Yes. You can always use a regular credit card to pay for an expensive medical treatment. Look for credit cards that come with 0% intro APRs first place. Continue reading

I was originally hoping I’d be able to find an Autozone credit card application, but after finding out that they don’t offer a card, I’m not sure what to do. Is there any card you could recommend that I can use for Autozone purchases?

Answered on

Although there is no specific Autozone credit card, there are several options available to you when it comes to collecting rewards on your Autozone purchases. One of the best types of credit cards to use for everyday shopping is without a doubt a regular credit card that includes a rewards system. By… Continue reading

I usually refill at Drive Savvy group (76, Conoco and Phillips 66). I was thinking of their personal credit card, Drive Savvy, but I can’t make up how many rewards I’m going to get for each refill.

Answered on

Well, the earning rate varies depending on how long you use the card. At first you get 30c per gallon for the first 60 days, then the rate lowers and you get 10c per gallon for another 30 days and finally you are left with the rate of 5c per gallon provided that you purchase 45 gallons or more during… Continue reading

I frequently buy accessories for my car at Autozone store. Can you recommend me a credit card that allows me to save on my Autozone and also on everyday purchases?

Answered on

There is a better option for you than an Autozone credit card. We would recommend you take a look at regular credit cards with rewards programs. You can choose any card based on your spending habits, repayment history and your overall intention for wanting to use a card. If you are someone who… Continue reading

I’ve been thinking about applying for a cashback credit card that I can use to do my shopping with. I’ve been considering the Walmart credit card, but the APR is a little high. Are there any cards that you could recommend to me?

Answered on

As far as store cards go, the Walmart credit card offers a fairly standard cashback system. It allows you to collect 3% back on Walmart purchases, 2% back on qualifying fuel purchases and 1% back on everything else. Their card includes an APR of 22.99% and while this may not be a low APR, it’s… Continue reading

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