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Does Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card allow co-signers?

Answered on

No, you won’t be allowed to apply with a co-signer. But they allow authorized users. It should be noted, though, that authorized users do not have access to all card benefits without the primary cardholder. Continue reading

I often fly with Spirit Airlines and wanted to apply for their credit card but then I read a lot of negative feedback about their rewards program. What card can you suggest so I could earn miles and redeem them for tickets with Spirit?

Answered on

For sure, Spirit’s reward program is not the one you will earn much with. They have less an unremarkable sign-up bonus, let me say even, not up to par when most airlines offer 50,000. It has an annual fee and doesn’t offer cool airline specific bonuses that you would normally expect from airlines. Continue reading

My friend wants me to get a card so that she gets extra miles for my joining – I know that I must put $2000.00 on the card within 3 months and that the cost is $69.00 a year but I would get free flights for joining. What I need to know is if the $2000.00 can be a credit card transfer as I have a MasterCard I want to pay off and close out. Thank you for your help.

Answered on

You should read the cards terms and conditions, especially pay a closer attention to the terms of the rewards program. Find out if balance transfers qualify as eligible purchases. As a rule balance transfers, cash advances, fees, and interest do not qualify as an eligible purchase. If you can’t… Continue reading

I would like to apply for the credit card affiliated to the Star Alliance group. I travel several times a year to some Scandinavian countries and also to Latin America. I always travel with SAS and Copa or Taca. I need to have a credit card affiliated with the Star Alliance to gain miles, not only when I travel but also when I buy groceries, gas, etc. What can you recommend?

Answered on

You may choose from travel credit cards, for example, the Discover it® Miles credit card can be a good option. This card will allow you redeem miles towards any airline including those in Star Alliance. Miles can also be redeemed for any travel expenses. To earn miles with the Discover… Continue reading

My credit rating is 684 and I have been paying my bills on schedule. If I pay off one credit card and cut them off for good, would it affect my credit rating? I want to apply for an airline credit card. What do you suggest?

Answered on

You should pay off your existing credit cards, but do not close the accounts. If you do, that good credit history will be removed from your credit report, and that will result in a lower credit score and probably a lower credit limit. With your current credit score you can apply for credit cards… Continue reading

I have an airline credit card and just reached 100,000 frequent flyer miles. Is there something I should know before redeeming my miles for an airline ticket?

Answered on

You didn’t say which airline card you have, so it’s hard to know exactly how to advise you, but in general, here are some things to be aware of when you are redeeming reward miles: If doesn’t always pay to use your miles. For the most part, if a flight costs less than $250, using […] Continue reading

I want to travel to Rimini, Italy, but the only major airline that flies there is Alitalia, and my 68,000 frequent flyer miles are on a Delta SkyMiles credit card. Should I just bite the bullet and pay cash for my ticket, or is there a way I can use my Delta miles on Alitalia?

Answered on

This is a very good question – and lucky for you, it’s an easy one. Many people do not realize that they can use their frequent flyer miles on more than one airline, even if they earn miles of one airline, such as your Delta SkyMiles. This is because every airline (okay, almost every airline)… Continue reading

Are no annual fee credit cards better than credit cards with fees?

Answered on

A credit card has become one commodity that is virtually indispensable in the modern world. Everybody with a job and some money are using these things for a wide variety of reasons. Credit cards are a big convenience since you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash, and you are able to make… Continue reading

How does a no annual fee credit card function?

Answered on

A large number of credit cards come with no annual fees. It does somehow make sense. Why should one pay an annual fee to use the card`s facility, when the card company is already earning revenue from the customer using the card? No annual fee credit cards are very popular, and the card industry… Continue reading

How to select the best credit card with reward offers?

Answered on

When you are out shopping for a credit card, you need to be aware of all the rewards that are on offer by the various banks. The rewards are not something that will add to your immediate financial needs, but it will give you a lot of bonus rewards. There are a bunch of marketing […] Continue reading

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