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Will I build credit with the American Express prepaid card?

Answered on

No. With a prepaid card your credit performance won’t be reported to major credit bureaus. If you want to establish your credit history, consider applying for a credit card. Credit card issuers offer some credit cards for people with no credit or a limited credit history. Continue reading

I’ve never actually had a prepaid or debit card and I was wondering how to use it wisely without making any mistakes?

Answered on

In general, prepaid cards are an alternative to carrying cash and they are convenient to use. Prepaid cards help you develop good payment habits. You will learn to stay within spending limits. And when you decide to apply for a credit card this will pay off. Some prepaid products allow you to spend… Continue reading

To sign up for a prepaid card, does there need to be one name that the card is issued to? Or can I apply for a prepaid card that can be used by multiple individuals?

Answered on

Each card may have only one cardholder name on it. However, you can add an authorized user to a prepaid card. The authorized user can use your prepaid card or get a separate card linked to your prepaid account. When you authorize somebody to use your card though, you will be responsible for any… Continue reading

I have never had a credit card, although I was offered American Express GOLD in the 1980’s. I have credit history with GMAC and First Resource Federal Credit Union.

Answered on

I recommend you  check your credit history to make sure it is correct. Then you use our credit card navigator. Choose the options suitable to your credit history and preferences, and see what cards you may apply for. You can also apply for an American Express credit card since they offered you… Continue reading

I’m a 23-year-old female from Melbourne, Australia and I just wanted to know what card I can apply for. I’m unemployed at the moment and will only use it for small purchases and stuff online – please tell me what I can do.

Answered on

That depends – are you a legal US resident? If so, you have more options, since at Credit-Land.com, we offer only credit cards for residents of the US, Canada, and the UK. If you’re not a resident of any of those countries, however, you can still get a prepaid card to use for small purchases… Continue reading

I pay around $80 every time I fill up my SUV and am thinking about getting a gas station branded credit card to get some cash back on those fill-ups. Is there anything I should know before I apply for one?

Answered on

I’m assuming you already know that SUVs are terrible for the environment and public transportation is cheap, right? Oh sorry – city girl, here. Hang on while I think back to the gas-guzzling days of my youth, behind the wheel on the open road . . . is that Foreigner playing on the radio? Okay… Continue reading

How can a Visa credit card help me while travelling?

Answered on

This answer is fairly simple:  yes, mainly through rewards programs! And also, if you are travelling to a foreign country with a different currency system, you might find a credit card more beneficial than cash. After all, anyone who has been abroad knows the how fumbling and time-consuming… Continue reading

Why travel with credit cards?

Answered on

Credit cards or plastic money is one of the most useful handy tools today. People can opt for a card best suited to their needs form a huge variety of cards available. For those with frequent business trips and travel there is no better advantage than plastic cash. With so many banks offering… Continue reading

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