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I have a Wayfair credit card and I want to transfer my balance to another card before the special financing ends. Which card should I get?

Answered on

That's an excellent idea since most general credit cards will offer lower interest rates. The majority of credit cards allow balance transfers, but some charge a transfer fee of around 3%. Continue reading
I often buy clothing at Gap Store and want to get rewards on my purchases. But I don’t want to apply for the Gap credit card. Its interest rate is too high for this card.

Answered on

You’re right, Gap card has a high regular APR. In addition, you can use this card only at Gap store. If you don’t want to apply for their card, you can apply for a regular rewards card that offers 0% APR on purchases. Continue reading
How do you decide how high is too high when it comes to APR?

Answered on

Well, you will definitely not want to have a credit card with the 30% APR, and such cards do exist. The APR of 24% is also quite high, but it is common for credit cards that are offered to people with bad credit. However, it is possible to avoid interest payments on purchases by paying of the... Continue reading
FAQs Tags: APR, Bad Credit
What is the Lowe’s Project card?

Answered on

The Lowe's Project card is an additional form of financing for Lowe's goods. You can fill out an application online, but you can only print it to bring to the store. You go in to a Lowe's and discuss a certain type of project and determine some amounts and time frames. What this option basically... Continue reading
How can I get the DSW Credit Card?

Answered on

DSW makes it easy to find their credit card, all you have to do is go to their website – dsw.com, which outlines the ins and outs of the card, in terms of earning rewards and cashing them in for $10 rewards certificates that can be used in the store. Continue reading
FAQs Tags: APR, Credit Cards, Dsw
I have Younkers credit card and want to transfer the balance I have on it to another card and then close my Younkers credit card. What card would you recommend? My credit is good.

Answered on

The good news is that if you look around you will find plenty of options available when it comes to transferring a balance from a store card. Continue reading
I have an Iddeal credit card and want to transfer the balance I have on it to another card and then close the Iddeal card. What card would you recommend? I have good credit.

Answered on

You can choose any credit card that offers balance transfers, which most cards do. If you plan to carry a balance, you should search for a card with a 0% introductory APR. Low introductory APRs often last for approximately one year, so if you pay off the balance within that timeframe you can avoid... Continue reading
I currently have the Lumber Liquidators credit card and I have to be 100% honest with you. I am not a big fan of it. The APR is ridiculously high and the card itself comes with no useful shopping features. Are you aware of any other cards that might be more useful to me?

Answered on

When you step into the world of credit it is important to realize that there are so many different kinds of credit cards available, that it would be almost impossible not to find one that suited your needs. Continue reading
FAQs Tags: Amtrak, APR, Rewards
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