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I have the Community First Share secured card and have managed to build my credit and my credit score is close to 600 now. Am I eligible for an unsecured credit card now?

Answered on

Yes, you are, provided you do not have recent late payments on your active credit accounts and you do not have active bankruptcy. There are a lot of credit card offers that suit your current credit rating. Continue reading

I am interested in applying for the Jordan’s credit card, but my credit score is pretty bad compared to where it used to be at. I used to have a score around 740 and now I’m more in the 620 range. Do you happen to have any idea about whether or not I would be approved for the card?

Answered on

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to determine whether or not you would be approved for a card based on your credit score. All credit issuers are different and there is no set number to determine someone’s “credit worthiness”. Continue reading

I have bad credit and want to improve it. Do you think 76 gas card will be good for that?

Answered on

Since your goal is to improve your credit, you should first of all find out if the card is reported to the major credit bureaus. Continue reading

Can you please help me choose between Luxe signature and Vast platinum 1. is this a credit card 2. can I use it for shopping everywhere 3. what are the maintenance charges?

Answered on

The LUXE Signature Merchandise Card and Vast Platinum cards are both unsecured credit cards which can be used at a particular website. Continue reading

If I have bad credit can I get a Sam’s Club credit card?

Answered on

No, you will not be approved for any of the Sam’s Club credit cards if you have bad credit. Your credit score must be decent to receive any of these credit offers. Similar to many other store cards you cannot choose whether you apply for the basic Sam’s Club credit card or the one branded with the… Continue reading

What kind of credit do I need to apply for the Sears card?

Answered on

You do not need excellent credit, but you can’t have bad credit either. You will need better credit if you want to apply for the Sears MasterCard issued by Citibank. This card can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted. If your credit is not good enough for that card, they may offer you their… Continue reading

Hi I’m searching for a major credit card for car rental use and for gas but my score is very low. Could you give good advice?

Answered on

You can apply for a secured credit card. You will need to put down a security deposit to get this card. A minimum security deposit is around $200 and it gets you the equal line of credit. Continue reading

The items listed on my credit reports in the positive section of accounts reporting favorably will expire very soon due to the 7-year reporting limitation. Those accounts were all closed by me. What will happen to my credit score and my creditworthiness once that happens?

Answered on

If your current credit accounts are in good standing and your debt-to-credit ratio is low, your credit score won’t drop significantly. Length of credit history makes up only 15% of your credit score. The most important things are payment history (35%) and amounts owed (30%). If you always pay on… Continue reading

My credit is bad. Will it hurt my credit score if I apply for a card? Does it show on your credit report when you’ve been turned down?

Answered on

One credit inquiry won’t impact your credit score. But if you apply for credit cards too often (two or more times a month), that will negatively impact your credit score and will lower your chances of getting approved. Every credit inquiry appears in your credit report and if there are too many of… Continue reading

My question is where do I start? I have bad credit and I want to rebuild it but I also want help on paying little bills here and there, so I’m lost on where to start.

Answered on

You can apply for a credit card and use it to pay the bills. At the same time you will be able to build your credit history. If your credit score is 550 and higher, you can apply for the Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards. Continue reading

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