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I am looking for a way to rebuild my credit. My score is only a 545. I recently paid off my student loan, but most of my bad credit history is from when I was younger. Any suggestions on a credit card thar will approve me so I can rebuild?

Answered on

With a credit score under 600, your options are limited, but the good news is, with careful use of your credit, you can raise your credit score over time. All it takes is diligence and patience – and the right credit card to help you get started repairing your credit. It’s great that you know… Continue reading

I have bad credit. Can I still be approved?

Answered on

Yes, you can still be approved for a credit card if you have bad credit. Bad credit doesn’t necessary mean that your credit card application will be denied. In fact, more and more credit card companies are willing to take a chance on consumers with bad credit lately. There are just a few things to… Continue reading

What are some of the financial institutions offering unsecured credit card with poor credit?

Answered on

There are not so many unsecured credit card offers for poor credit. The optimal variants for such credit are secured credit cards or prepaid cards. However, you can consider First PREMIER unsecured credit cards, but to apply for these cards you need to have a checking account. So in general, if you… Continue reading

In the past I had credit cards and abused them. On top of that I have l a lot of more mess on there. Now I want a secured card where like I can manage to build my credit back up where it need to be. What should I do? I don’t have 200 to open a card. If I had that I wouldn’t try to get help. I need it to help me reestablish my credit.

Answered on

That’s the sticky situation. First of all before you start credit card shopping, request your credit score. It is always better to know exact numbers then grope in the dark. Besides you can check it for any inaccuracies. Now let’s see what you can do. You may apply for a regular credit card but for… Continue reading

Can you tell me what credit card would be ideal for me if I have poor credit?

Answered on

Let’s start from this: you can apply for a secured credit card or unsecured credit card. Secured credit cards require a secured deposit. That means you should open a deposit in a bank on a certain amount of sum. As a rule this sum of money is equal to your future credit limit. In other […] Continue reading

Hello, I was wondering how can I raise my credit score in a quick amount of time? Is it possible? Thanks!

Answered on

The truth is, there’s no quick fix for a bad credit score – you can’t just wave a wand and have good credit. It takes patience, responsibility, good financial management and time to bring your score up. Are you ready? Here are some tips to get you started: Always pay your credit card bill on… Continue reading

Does it make a difference to credit agencies what lender issued my credit card or loan?

Answered on

Have you been watching a lot of late-night television?  I’m thinking of those commercials where guys in goofy costumes claim to finance anyone who walks in the door, even if they have “bad credit, no credit, any credit!!!” If those are the lenders you’re thinking of, then yes – it can make a… Continue reading

How can I improve my credit score?

Answered on

The good news is that if you have a bad credit score there are a lot of things that you can to fix it. Even if your score is fair but you are interested in bumping it up to the next category there are proactive steps you can take to make that happen. The first […] Continue reading

Why do Secured Credit Cards Require a Security Deposit?

Answered on

First off let me say congratulations. The move towards a secure credit card means that you have had poor credit management in the past before, and you are attempting to reconcile your differences, and put your best foot forward for the credit card issuers. Well, now they’re asking for things that… Continue reading

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