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I had Maurices credit card before bankruptcy. I dealt with bankruptcy and it’s going to fall off my reports soon. I now have fair credit, in mid 600s, and one unsecured credit card which I try to pay off each month. Do you think I will be able to have Maurices credit card again?

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The Maurices credit card is a store credit card, and store credit cards do not usually require a perfect credit history. As a rule, average credit is quite good when you are applying for a store credit card. And since you have an active credit card with good payment history, that will increase your… Continue reading

I had Diners Club credit card back in 2005 but had to close it because of bankruptcy. Now I’ve improved my credit and want to get this card again. My question is will I be able to transfer Diners points to British Airways? It was possible with my old Diners Club card.

Answered on

Yes, provided you are a member of the British Airways’ Exclusive Club frequent flyer program. You can transfer points earned on a Diners Club card to the airlines loyalty program at 1:1 ratio. Thus, 1,000 Club Rewards points will be equal to 1,000 avios. Note that British airways is not the… Continue reading

I previously had excellent credit. A divorce and medical situation will force me to file for bankruptcy. I have not filed yet. I will need a credit card to function and a minimum amount will be acceptable. Any ideas in obtaining a card? Again previously my credit was excellent. I have a personal checking account.

Answered on

Choose a card depending on your current credit score. Our credit card navigator can help you to find one. Since you are planning to file a bankruptcy, there is a risk that the credit issuer will close your account once it sees the bankruptcy record in your reports. You can apply for a secured… Continue reading

Do I need to file bankruptcy?

Answered on

It is good if you evaluate all your options before filing the bankruptcy. Many creditors are willing to negotiate with their debtors. If you cannot do it by yourself, get help from specialists. Continue reading

I want to apply for a credit card, but do not want to have a negative mark on my credit for applying for and possibly being turned down for the card. Is there a good card out there for someone to re-establish credit and get approved? I filed for bankruptcy nearly 3 years ago and I am steadily rebuilding my credit. I have a car loan and a department store credit card that are both in good standing. Please advise which card would be best to apply for.

Answered on

Almost all credit issuers will request your credit report if you apply for their credit card. A single inquiry won’t affect your credit score significantly, if at all. Your credit score will be affected only if you are applying for several credit cards in a row. Check your credit scores Check your… Continue reading

I just filed bankruptcy and I am waiting for it to be discharged. Can I apply for CareCredit?

Answered on

Yes, you can try and apply for a loan after bankruptcy. But it is not a good idea to apply shortly after filing because you risk being denied. It will be better if you wait at least a year. After that you will be able to apply for a secured credit card. Secured cards have […] Continue reading

What type of secured credit card can I get? I have a bankruptcy on my credit report.

Answered on

You can consider any secured card which meets your requirements. Consider whether you want Visa or MasterCard credit card. If you want a low annual fee, be ready for high APRs. And if you want a credit card with low APRs, an annual fee may be quite high. Also, make sure the card reports to… Continue reading

I filed bankruptcy 3 years ago. I have a credit card with a $750 limit. My credit score is 700. My annual income is $ 70,000. I have $300,000 in a 401K and I have a home. I need a decent limit to travel. How can I increase my limit for traveling? I pay my balance every month, but can’t seem to get my limit raised.

Answered on

You can ask your credit card issuer for a credit limit increase. Or you can apply for a credit card with travel rewards. Since you have a good credit history now, you will probably be given a higher credit limit than you currently have. Plus you will be able to earn rewards for your travels. Continue reading

Can I apply for a credit card after bankruptcy?

Answered on

Yes, but the cards that are available post-bankruptcy usually have very high fees and APRs. It is better to wait a while and get your financial footing before taking on a new line of credit. In seven years the bankruptcy will disappear from your credit report. Continue reading

I have never had a credit card. I had to file bankruptcy 4 years ago. I have become disabled, so that benefit is my only income. I’m just trying to figure out ways to better my credit? Thanks

Answered on

You can apply for a secured credit card. This card is a good choice after bankruptcy. Unsecured credit cards require a collateral deposit, which is around $200. Your credit limit will be equal to the deposit. Also, your credit performance will be reported to the major credit bureaus. If you pay on… Continue reading

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