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I want to close my Maurices credit card and transfer its balance on a new credit card. What can you recommend?

Answered on

A balance transfer credit card can be a good option for you if you have good credit. Balance transfer credit cards are usually offered to people with fair to excellent credit, that is a FICO credit score of 670 and higher. So, if your credit score falls in this range, you can transfer the Maurices… Continue reading

I have had some credit hiccups in the past, my credit has improved but is still not good, I was considering applying for the Arvest Visa, can you tell me if you think I will be approved?

Answered on

I will assume you either have poor or fair credit. If you have poor credit you will probably not get approved for this card. Continue reading

How do I get a farm and fleet credit card?

Answered on

You can definitely find an application from on the retailer’s website. Online shops that have their own credit card, often advertise their credit cards somewhere on their website and allow applying online. Continue reading

I wanted to apply for Mills Fleet Farm Visa card but it looks like I cannot apply for this particular credit card? Can you help?

Answered on

You are right. There are two Mills Fleet Farm credit cards: the one is a store card and the other is a Visa card. Continue reading

I want to apply for Onetravel Visa Signature credit card but cannot find where to apply. It only offers me to apply for Onetravel card that is not Visa. Can you help?

Answered on

OneTravel credit cards have a bit tricky application process. You won’t find a separate application form for each card. There is only one application form. When fill out and submit your application, the issuer will decide whether you qualify for a OneTravel Credit Card, a Visa Card, or a Visa… Continue reading

I have to make a few large purchases within the next few months and I’ve been looking for a credit card to help me make some of these purchases. I have a good credit score, and I’ve been a member of the NRA for a couple of years now. Would you recommend apply for the NRA card so I can make my purchases?

Answered on

The answer to your question can vary depending on what you plan on purchasing in the upcoming months. The NRA offers two credit cards and if you have a good credit score and plan on making a few large purchases, I would recommend applying for the NRA’s Platinum Edition Visa instead of the NRA… Continue reading

My credit got ruined after my divorce. I’ve got some unpaid debt and I just got turned down for a balance transfer credit card. How can I repair my credit score quickly?

Answered on

First of all, don’t feel bad. Many people have suffered setbacks to their credit score due to a divorce, illness, or other event beyond their control. Continue reading

I was looking to apply for the Cheapoair Visa Signature card, but cannot find where to apply. Can you help?

Answered on

You can find all information about CheapOair credit card on the company’s website. Note that you won’t be able to choose which card to apply. The issuer will approve for a card based on your credit worthiness and it can be CheapOair Credit Card, CheapOair Visa card, or CheapOair Visa Signature… Continue reading

What information will I need to have on hand in order to fill out a Fred Meyer application?

Answered on

For almost all credit card applications, you will need the same information. It’s very straightforward: your full name, your mailing address, your social security number, your annual income, and the name of your employer. Continue reading

I am looking to apply for the The Blair credit card but I know my credit score is just a little over 650. Will I qualify for this card?

Answered on

The rule of thumb when apply for credit cards is that good credit is needed to be approved for general rewards cards and store cards. A good credit score typically falls in the 660 to 719 range. Continue reading

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