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I’m wanting to get a credit card to help rebuild my credit without having to have a prepaid or debit card. My score is a 550. I’m going threw a credit repair company now. Just wondering what card I could get to help me and not get denied and lower my score further.

Answered on

If you have never had bankruptcy, you can try getting the Credit One Bank Visa card. The card comes with pre-qualification allowing you to pre-qualify for it without affecting your credit score. Before you apply, make sure you do not have recent late payments on your current credit accounts. Late… Continue reading

If have a Sound credit union credit card the one which is secured and managed to build fair credit. Now I’m looking to apply for a new credit card which is not secured. What card can I apply?

Answered on

You can apply for any credit card that is offered to people with fair credit. Credit cards for fair credit are usually unsecured cards and come with low fees. Continue reading

How can I get the The Blair credit card?

Answered on

If you want more information about the Blair credit card you can visit blair com, the website set up for the card. It gives you a variety of information about the card, including how rewards are accrued and redeemed. Continue reading

Is it bad to have too many credit cards? I already have several cards, including store cards and regular bank-issued cards, but there’s a travel rewards card I would really like to apply for.

Answered on

The average household has between three and four credit cards; having too many cards is not necessarily a bad thing. The thing to be careful of is opening too many credit cards within too fast a timeframe. Another thing to consider is your credit score. Continue reading

I’d like to get a store credit card from my favorite clothing shop, but I’m not sure if there are enough Coldwater Creek locations near me to make it worth applying for the card. Should I still try to get one?

Answered on

If you’re worried you won’t get out to a brick-and-mortar store often enough to make it worth having the store credit card, don’t fret. You can always go online. Continue reading

I have an AAFES Star card, but I’d like to apply for another type of card as well. What do you recommend as a good second credit card to carry?

Answered on

What kind of card to apply for depends on what you’ll be doing with the card. One idea is to get a travel rewards credit card that offers frequent flyer miles for every dollar you spend. Continue reading

I am interested in applying for either the Visa Classic or the Visa Gold offered by the Honda credit union. There have been a few other credit cards I’ve been interested in and I was wondering if you think I should apply for one of these card or if there are any other options you would recommend?

Answered on

Unfortunately, it would be hard for me to determine the exact card that would be right for you, just because the first thing I would need to know is what kind of card you are looking for and what you plan to use it on. Continue reading

How do I get a Bass Pro credit card?

Answered on

You can definitely find an application form on the shop’s website. Online shops often advertise their credit cards somewhere on their website and allow applying online. Continue reading

I had Barclays Icelandair MasterCard in the past but had to close it. Now I want to apply for this card again but cannot find it anywhere. Can you help?

Answered on

The Icelandair credit card is no longer issued by Barclays. The card is issued by First Bankcard which is a division of First National Bank of Omaha. Continue reading

I am not a U.S. citizen but have an account with OneTravel. My question is, do I qualify for the One Travel credit card?

Answered on

Even though OneTravel Rewards membership is open to anyone and anyone can become a member and earn points, unfortunately, you won’t be able to qualify for the OneTravel Credit Card. Continue reading

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