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Boscov’s credit card offers 15% off first purchase and its very tempting. I want to save but do not want to be in big debts because of high fees and rates on my credit card. Could you help me out and research Boscovs card terms?

Answered on

Its true that co-branded credit cards tend to have higher fees and rates than general credit cards. If you want to save there are options for any situations: credit cards with up to 18 months of 0% APR on purchases, low fees credit cards and, of course, credit cards with rewards on all purchases.... Continue reading
Is there a credit card which can get me free ticket with Condor?

Answered on

It can be impossible to get absolutely free ticket with award miles of co-branded airline cards as they usually charge fuel or other surcharges that can't be covered with miles. As an option you can apply for any general credit card with miles rewards that is issued by a major bank. Such cards... Continue reading
FAQs Tags: Condor, Fees, Travel
I would like to apply for the Jetstar credit card but it has annual fee. Can you recommend another credit card?

Answered on

Jetstar credit card has an annual fee and, moreover, it is not available for US residents. If you want to find card without annual fee and aern miles, consider getting a travel rewards credit card. For example, it can be the card. It allows to earn 1.5 miles per dollar on all purchases. The miles... Continue reading
What fees apply to the cash Magnet card from amex?

Answered on

The American Express Cash Magnet Card does not have an annual fee, but some fees are rather high. For example, you will need to pay a foreign transaction fee of 2,7% if you will try to use you card abroad. Moreover, balance transfer and cash advance fees apply to the Cash Magnet Card. Continue reading
I wanted to visit europe next summer. Does ANA credit card charge a foreign transaction fee?

Answered on

Even though ANA card is a travel airline credit card, it charges a foreign transaction fee (3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars). If you need a credit card without a foreign transaction fee, consider best offers here. Continue reading
FAQs Tags: ANA, Fees, Travel
What card can be a good alternative to the ana credit card? I do not know what travel cards are best in the market today

Answered on

ANA CARD U.S.A. is not the best credit card as it charges an annual and has a foreign transaction fee. Travel credit cards usually do not charge foreign transaction fees (see cards without this fee here). Moreover, there are travel credit cards that not only do not have an annual fee but also have... Continue reading
FAQs Tags: ANA, Fees, Travel
What is a credit card?

Answered on

Credit cards are lines of credit. They can be used to make purchases, pay for services, make balance transfers and cash advances. You are required to pay back the loan amount in the future, but meanwhile you can make at least minimum payments every month before the due date. When you carry a... Continue reading
I’m thinking about applying to Care Credit card to proceed surgery, but previously I want to know everything about it. Will it be a good option? Could you help me out?

Answered on

It is very important to investigate all pros and cons of the card before applying, especially when we are talking about such a specific card like CareCredit. Here we tried to gather all the information you may be interested in. Continue reading
I have a PNC credit card with some balance on it, which I want to transfer to a 0% APR credit card. Are there any good cards with at least one year of no interest out there?

Answered on

With good credit history, you will find a lot of credit cards with balance transfer options. But before you apply for any of the offers, make sure your credit score is above 670 and you do not have recent bad items on your reports. Then think whether you are going to keep your new balance transfer... Continue reading
I’ve just started building my credit and thinking to apply for Overstock credit card. Do you think it is good for me?

Answered on

Congratulations on getting your first credit card. That's a big step in the right direction if your goal is to establish good credit. Continue reading
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