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I have a Shell gas card for fuel. Why am I charged $25.00 each month and pay a nickel more for a gallon of fuel? I have a Phillips gas card and there’s no charge and I pay the price at the pump. I will be traveling this summer and there will be no Phillips-Conoco 76. What card gives rewards at those gas stations? I have outstanding credit rating.

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For the best savings, compare your gas cards with the gas credit cards we offer. With these cards you will be able to earn cash back or points on all your purchase, including gasoline. Some of the cards charge no annual fee and have a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers. The gas… Continue reading

I would like to apply for an account with Shell credit card for our company.

Answered on

You can apply for a gas credit card or for a business credit card with a rewards program. You won’t find a Shell credit card here, but most of the cards you see are accepted at most gas stations, including Shell gas stations. Continue reading

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I need some advice. I own my own business for about 4 months. I’m a 21 year old self employed web developer, and I’ve never had any credit. I make between $750-1200 a week and I hope to get a very small credit line to prove that I can pay my payment early every month. I don’t need a consumer card to purchase from websites, maybe just a gas card or something that could help me to build credit. Do you by chance have any advice for me?

Answered on

Cards for people with no or limited credit history would be a good fit for you. You will be able to start building your credit history because your credit activity will be reported to the major credit bureaus. Usually credit card issuers do not give a high credit limit to people without credit… Continue reading

How much cash back does the Discover it card offer on gas purchases and motel stays? Are the offers available all year?

Answered on

The Discover it® credit card has a general 1% cash back on all purchases and some cards will allow you to earn a 5% cash back in rotating categories. Continue reading

I recently applied for a Walmart Discover card. When I typed in my annual income I accidentally typed in 4,500 instead of 45,000. I got a letter telling me I had insufficient income for the card. All I wanted was a credit card for gas.

Answered on

If you want a credit card for gas, take a look at our gasoline credit cards. They can be used at most major gas stations. You can choose a card that will let you earn cash back or point rewards. Be sure to fill out the application correctly. Continue reading

I visited your site to apply for a RaceTrac credit card. It talks all about it, but there is nowhere to click to get to the application. There are others that are easily accessible, but not this one. Can you please send me a link or some other form of communication? Thanks so much.

Answered on

We do not currently offer RaceTrac products, but you can apply for any gas credit card. These cards will reward you for gas purchases at any gas stations including RaceTrac. You will also be able to earn rewards wherever you use the card, which will boost your rewards. Continue reading

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I just need a Shell gas card, not Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Where do I find the form to fill in online?

Answered on

At Credit-Land.com you can apply for a gas rewards credit cards, but they are not station-branded credit cards. With the credit cards offered on that page you can earn rewards at any gas station, including at Shell stations. This will incredibly increase your rewards. You can compare Shell card… Continue reading

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I have a Visa debit card and if I go to a Shell gas station they want 10 cent more for a gallon of gas. What kind of card do I need so I don’t get charged the extra cost?

Answered on

If you pay with a card at the gas station you may be charged more for the transaction. Usually there is a sign at the pump which says the gas is 10 cents cheaper if paid by cash. You can’t avoid the extra charge when you pay with a credit card, but you can use […] Continue reading

I’ve got two questions: are there any unsecured credit cards for high school students? And are there any unsecured gas credit cards for people with bad credit?

Answered on

Yes, there are unsecured credit cards for students. You can see them on the student credit cards page. You will likely not be approved for a gas credit card if you have bad credit. To qualify for a gas credit card your credit score should have at least an average credit score. Continue reading

I want an Arco credit card to buy gas at Arco AM/PM stations.

Answered on

Unfortunately we do not offer Arco gas cards, but you can consider other gas credit cards that are accepted at Arco and other gas stations. For example, look at the Discover it® Cash Back credit card. There is no annual fee for the card. All your purchases can earn 1% cash back and… Continue reading

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