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I have never seen a stand-alone gas station, but you say that to get the gas rebates it has to be a stand-alone station. Explain what you mean by a stand-alone gas station?

Answered on

In general most national recognized brands are considered to be stand-alone gas stations. For example, Shell, BP, Sunoco, Lukoil, and Gulf stations are considered stand-alone gas stations since their main business is selling gas even though they may sell snacks and drinks. The gas pumps which do… Continue reading

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Is there just an Exxon Credit Card or does one have to get a gas card from a company or what?

Answered on

We do not offer Exxon credit cards on our site. However, we have a lot of other credit cards that offer bonus points or cash back on purchases at multiple gas stations including Exxon Mobil. Gas credit cards give you flexibility to buy gas at any gas station, especially if you do not have any… Continue reading

FAQs Tags: Cash Back, Gasoline
I have a Shell Credit card for gas. Can I use it to purchase a laptop?

Answered on

The Citi Dividend Platinum Select card offer has expired Sure you can – but should you? That’s the real question. Shell credit cards are like any other credit cards, in that you can use them to make purchases anywhere that accepts a credit card. It’s a “gas credit card” but it isn’t only for buying… Continue reading

HI, my dad gave me this paper where we can sign up for a Shell gas card, and I misplaced it. Could I sign up for it online?

Answered on

You sure could, but read this first! We have a guide to Shell credit cards that tells about Shell credit cards and how much you can save using them. Many gas credit cards offer rewards that aren’t tied to one particular gas station, so you can use them wherever you like and get the same […] Continue reading

Where can I buy Exxon gas gift cards? I have an Exxon card for many years.

Answered on

Unfortunately we can’t say anything particular on this issue as we do not offer Exxon products. But you can try to visit exxon.com. Here you can find ExxonMobil Gift Cards. Continue reading

FAQs Tags: Gasoline, Gift Cards
I am searching for a cash rewards credit card. It seems there are credit cards that offer as much as 10% cash back. Should I follow the rule of thumb that the more cash back advertised the better the deal, or is there something I should know about these offers?

Answered on

First of all, no cash rewards credit cards actually offer 10 percent cash back – let’s get that straight. The standard for a cash back credit card is one percent on all purchases, with two, three, even five or six percent cash back in certain categories. Many cards offer five percent cash… Continue reading

I pay around $80 every time I fill up my SUV and am thinking about getting a gas station branded credit card to get some cash back on those fill-ups. Is there anything I should know before I apply for one?

Answered on

I’m assuming you already know that SUVs are terrible for the environment and public transportation is cheap, right? Oh sorry – city girl, here. Hang on while I think back to the gas-guzzling days of my youth, behind the wheel on the open road . . . is that Foreigner playing on the radio? Okay… Continue reading

Do I use a credit card for purchases at the gas pump?

Answered on

Many people do this action everyday and don’t think twice about its consequences. Just pull out a card, step out of your Camry and grimace while you pay for that tank of gas you just got. Paying for gas with a credit card is an understandable idea in theory:  it’s fast and it’s easy and […] Continue reading

How to find the best rebate credit cards?

Answered on

Each time an individual uses the cash-back credit card or the rebate credit card the customer receives a certain percentage of the purchase which is either credited in the account or as a check. This could mean considerable savings over a period of time. However, one must note that each rebate card… Continue reading

What are the Different Types Of Credit Card Rewards?

Answered on

Credit cards are already a part of our lives. This is how we conveniently go about our daily lives. We use it for gas, we use it for groceries, and we use it for payment and also use it for business. With how frequent we utilize these cards, we make the credit card companies profit […] Continue reading

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