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I have a credit card at 18.49 % variable rate, with a balance $3,446. Should I go to a lower rate card?

Answered on

You can use our balance transfer calculator to see how much you can save with a particular card. Enter your current interest and balance and choose a card. Then enter the length of the introductory period or the amount of the planned monthly payment and it calculates your savings. Continue reading

During the no interest period, is there a minimum monthly payment necessary on the balance? If so, how much?

Answered on

As a rule minimum payments are required during promotional period. You will be given a chance to pay off the balance during promotional period without paying the interest. If you are not paying the minimum or late with minimum payments, your 0% interest promotional APR will turn into penalty APR… Continue reading

I have a credit card and I made late payments. Now the interest is too high. My score is 671. I have 4 accounts with this bank, but they rejected my application for another credit card with a low interest rate. What can I do?

Answered on

You should consider a balance transfer to a new credit card. These cards have an introductory period, up to 18 months, during which you don’t pay any interest on balance transfers, purchases or both. You can transfer the balance from your high interest credit card and pay it off during the zero… Continue reading

Hi Leo. My credit was bad. I was able to get some credit cards with a high interest rate. I have been using them and making my payments on time. I always pay more than the minimum. I got my first credit card in December 2012. I already have 5. I don’t need all these credit cards. I just need a good credit card with low interest. How do I get it? I already applied to some good cards, but I was denied. What should I do?

Answered on

If you tried to apply for a credit card which doesn’t fit your credit history, that would become the reason for denial. You should choose credit cards according to your credit score. You can close a couple of credit cards you currently have. Pay off all the balances before you close the cards. But… Continue reading

I’m looking for a credit card with a good interest rate and more cash back for my business.

Answered on

Look at the U.S. Bank FlexPerks Cash Rewards Visa®. This card has a low interest rate and no interest for 15 months. Also if you make at least one purchase a year you won’t pay an annual fee. Continue reading

I am looking for low interest, no annual fee, and a small credit line (about $500) to work on building my credit back up.

Answered on

Consider secured credit cards. These cards offer low credit limits (from $200 and up), and they send reports to major credit bureaus to help you rebuild your credit. However, it will be hard to find a card which has both low interest rates and no annual fee. Perhaps you should focus on getting a… Continue reading

I have four cards and I would like to transfer the balances to save on interest, but they are not all major credit card companies. Can I still transfer my balances?

Answered on

Yes, you should be able to transfer all of your balances to almost any credit card that offers a balance transfer feature. But you cannot transfer to the same bank or issuer. So look for a bank you don’t already have a balance with. Make sure the overall balance you are going to transfer does… Continue reading

I’m having trouble finding a credit card (Bad Credit, Declared Bankrupt).

Answered on

I see that you filed a bankruptcy once and have bad credit. That means you will need to apply for a secured credit card. You will be asked to deposit a minimum of $200 and as much as $5,000, depending on the issuer. You will then be able to make purchases up to the amount […] Continue reading

I have a bank Mastercard and I made a payment at the end of the month. From this payment was deducted the interest charge for the month and the bank added another interest charge. The bank employees said the charge is valid but I think they charged me twice, what do you think?

Answered on

Unfortunately you are not saying what exactly interest charge you paid and what was added. May be it was another interest for one of credit card services (or even for previous months) or may be some additional fee. In general you shouldn’t be charged twice the same interest (or fee) in one month…. Continue reading

I’m having an issue with the 99 dollar annual fee. Is there any way to lower it, if it was not for that I would have already signed up?

Answered on

As I understand you want to apply for a new credit card but high annual fee deter you from it. I can assume that this card has some reward programs and different perks. If so, make some calculations and see if these rewards cover the annual fee. As a rule most credit cards with rewards […] Continue reading

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