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Hi, I am trying to find a credit card with a high credit limit only to transfer two balances from other cards that I have that have high interest rates. I don’t really want to apply for another card with the risk of not being able to transfer my complete two balances I have. I’m just not sure what the best thing for me to do would be.

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It seems that you want to transfer all your existing balances onto one credit card and close your old credit cards…  Well it is good that you want to get rid of your debt but closing your old accounts may hurt your credit score. So think properly before doing it. Anyway, the best way to […] Continue reading

I have a balance of $5,000 on my credit card, at an APR of 12.99%. I know my APR is not that high compared to some cards, but those zero balance transfer offers I keep getting in the mail are awfully tempting. My question: does it really make sense for me to pay a three-percent balance transfer fee to transfer this balance to a card with lower APR?

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Paying a balance transfer fee might seem unnecessary or even like a rip-off, so I understand your concern, but if you take a moment to do the math, the answer will become clear. At three percent, which is the typical fee, by the way, the fee to transfer your $5,000 balance will be $150. Now,… Continue reading

What are the different ways in which you can get your first credit card?

Answered on

Getting the first card can be a very trying task. A few years ago banks were willing to go any lengths to attract customers to sign up for their credit cards. Students were given freebies for signing up for these plastic cards. But, in a effort to gain a larger market share, banks forgot to… Continue reading

What are the various aspects to consider before signing up for a credit card?

Answered on

With the economy showing signs of recovery, a number of banks and credit unions are willing to loosen their norms in regards to issuing credit cards for new customers. A couple of years ago the number of credit cards offers being sent to customers reduced to a trickle. But, now these deals are back… Continue reading

What I should know about balance transfers?

Answered on

When you are first starting to embrace credit cards, balance transfers can come as something of a shock. There’s no reason to be fearful of the term, all it means is that you are able to take the balance from an existing credit card (let’s call it Card A) onto a new account (Card B). […] Continue reading

How Do I use An Introductory APR Transfer Offer to my advantage?

Answered on

Every time you look for a credit card, there’s one around the corner boasting about low APR rates and zero interest rates. These introductory offers usually only last from six to 12 months — dependent on the credit card. After these introductory offers fade away consumers are forced to pay the… Continue reading

What is the significance of doing the zero balance transfers?

Answered on

Transferring balances from one credit card to another is known as balance transfer and this is done when there are dues or outstanding balances on the existing card. Balance transfers are normally done from high APR cards to 0% APR cards. There are a number of banks that offer these zero balance… Continue reading

Are no annual fee credit cards better than credit cards with fees?

Answered on

A credit card has become one commodity that is virtually indispensable in the modern world. Everybody with a job and some money are using these things for a wide variety of reasons. Credit cards are a big convenience since you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash, and you are able to make… Continue reading

How to select the best credit card with reward offers?

Answered on

When you are out shopping for a credit card, you need to be aware of all the rewards that are on offer by the various banks. The rewards are not something that will add to your immediate financial needs, but it will give you a lot of bonus rewards. There are a bunch of marketing […] Continue reading

How to Get the Extra Edge in Savings through Visa?

Answered on

Visa card is one of the most prestigious cards with a long list of networking affiliates and deals and tie-ups with globally recognized brands. Visa itself is well known across a hundred countries and you can go without cash for days at a stretch without worrying about anything anywhere. The power… Continue reading

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