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Hello! I was looking to get the Prepaid Visa Rush Card, and I was wondering how it helps build your credit? Does the pay as you go monthly plan help build credit? Does it work with any of the card designs or do you have to get a specific one? Thanks

Answered on

Prepaid cards do not help build your credit history as the issuers do not report your activity to consumer reporting agencies. If you want to build credit, consider credit cards for limited/no credit history. Continue reading

Can I get a credit card with no credit and no bank account? If so, can you tell me where I can get one?

Answered on

Yes, you can. It is easier to get a credit card if you have a bank account though. You can consider credit cards for limited/no credit history if do have not had a card or loan before. You should request your credit report to see what your current credit history is and choose a card […] Continue reading

Hi, I’m interested in getting a credit card but so far haven’t been able to find one that will approve me. The problem is I have no credit history. Is it possible to get a card with limited or no history?

Answered on

Yes, it is possible to find a card even if you have no credit history. We have a special page with cards for people with limited/no credit history. These cards should be good for you. If somehow you can’t find a suitable card amid those offers, then consider secured credit cards. These cards are… Continue reading

This is my first time applying for a credit card. I just started my full-time job as a caregiver. I need to know if I am eligible to get a credit card, and if yes, when? It’s only been 2 weeks since I started my job.

Answered on

A stable job history and income are the things banks will check first if you have no credit history. To lessen the risk of denial, you can apply for a secured credit card. These cards require collateral. This means that you will have to deposit a certain amount, about $200, to get this card. Your… Continue reading

I’m interested in getting a credit card, but I don’t know how to apply. Can you help me please?

Answered on

To apply for your first credit card you must be over age 18, have your own income and a banking account. Check your credit history and credit score before you start shopping for a credit card. When you are sure your credit history is accurate, it is time to choose a suitable credit card and… Continue reading

I have never had a credit card and I do not have any credit built. I was hoping you could recommend a credit card that is not prepaid. I would rather not have 10 different credit card companies check my credit, so I am looking for a card with a high approval rate.

Answered on

Consider credit cards for those who have no credit history. These credit cards have competitive APRs and low annual fees. To get approved you should show sufficient income, a stable job, and a bank account. These are the things a credit card issuer will check first. Continue reading

I have no credit and was wondering what is the best option for someone like myself to fix that problem?

Answered on

You can apply for any credit card on the limited/no credit page. The cards have high APRs for purchases and some of them have an annual fee, but  you will be able to build credit history and earn bonuses. If you are a student, you should consider student credit cards. These cards have lower APRs… Continue reading

I’m 25 and have never had a credit card. I don’t really know what my credit score is and I don’t have a bank account. How do I get a credit card? What do I do?

Answered on

If you’ve never had a credit card and have no bank account, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be given a credit card. If you have a steady annual income you can freely consider credit cards for limited/no credit history. The most important thing to consider is whether the card issuer… Continue reading

I recently decided I want to build my credit up, but I have little to no credit so I was wondering which credit card company offers help to those with little to no credit. Or perhaps which credit card company would be best for me. Thanks in advance.

Answered on

If you are a student, you may apply for a student credit card. Credit cards for students have favorable terms and conditions and provide the opportunity to build good credit. You will find offers from American Express, Discover, and Citibank. If you are not a student, consider credit cards for… Continue reading

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