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I wanted to apply for the Aviator credit card, but noticed that this card offers high rewards on American Airlines purchases only. I also fly with Delta sometimes. this card offers high rewards only on American Airlines purchases. But sometimes I fly also with Delta. Which card can help me to save on both airlines?

Answered on

We recommend you to apply for a travel rewards card that help you to earn rewards on alll purchases. Good card to get is the Discover it® Miles credit card. It gives you unlimited 1.5 miles on all purchases, matches all of your earned miles at the end of the first year (if you are a… Continue reading

What is a credit card?

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Credit cards are lines of credit. They can be used to make purchases, pay for services, make balance transfers and cash advances. You are required to pay back the loan amount in the future, but meanwhile you can make at least minimum payments every month before the due date. When you carry a… Continue reading

I’m looking for a card with a big sign-up bonus to get a free ticket with any airline. What is the best option?

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A general miles rewards credit card should be a good option for you. There are credit cards with big sign up bonuses that are enough for a round trip economy ticket. Continue reading

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I was originally hoping I’d be able to find a Finish Line credit card application, but after finding out that they don’t offer a card, I’m not sure what to do. Is there any way for me to collect rewards on my Finish Line purchases?

Answered on

Although there is no specific Finish Line store credit card, there are still several options available to you when it comes to collecting rewards on your Finish Line purchases. One thing that you can do is look for a general credit card that has a rewards system in place. By using one of these… Continue reading

I’m going to be buying a new computer from Microsoft in a few months and I was hoping I’d be able to pay for it with a Microsoft credit card, but I’ve found that this not currently an option. Are there any types of Microsoft store financing plan? Or is there any other way for me to pay for my computer?

Answered on

Microsoft does currently have a Microsoft financing service; however, it is not really intended for consumer use and has a higher focus on helping businesses that need to purchase a high quantity of Microsoft products. Although there isn’t a Microsoft card or any Microsoft finance option, you… Continue reading

I often make purchases at the GameStop store and I have an idea to apply for their credit card, but this card has a high annual fee. Can you recommend another rewards card for Gamestop purchases with low APR?

Answered on

There are a lot of rewards credit cards with low interest rates that allow you to earn rewards on purchases, including GameStop purchases. You can choose to earn cash back, bonus points or miles rewards. Some cards come with 0% intro APR periods on purchases or balance transfers. The ongoing APRs… Continue reading

I’m currently looking for a credit card that I can use to pay for my Uber rides and use for my everyday shopping. I’ve looked at the Uber credit card and I don’t really like it that much. What type of card do you think I should apply for?

Answered on

The type of card that is best for an individual depends on someone’s spending habits and their overall level of responsibility when it comes to making monthly payments. If you are someone who always pays off their balance in full every time their monthly statement is received, you should… Continue reading

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I shop at FootLocker US almost all the time and I was hoping to apply for a Foot Locker credit card so I’d be able to collect rewards on my FootLocker purchases, but I can’t find a Foot Locker credit card application anywhere. Is there any other way for me to collect rewards on my purchases?

Answered on

You actually have a few options when it comes to earning rewards at Foot Locker. First off, if you shop at Foot Locker you should definitely be a member of their VIP loyalty program. Once you reach Platinum status as A VIP member, you will be able to collect rewards directly from Foot Locker. Every… Continue reading

I take an Uber car to work almost every day and it adds up. I was wondering, is there any way for me to save money or collect rewards on my Uber rides?

Answered on

The Uber Visa card lets you earn up to 4% back in rewards on rides and other purchases. Cardholders will earn 1% back on dining, 3% back on hotels and airfare, 2% back on online purchases (includes Uber) and 1% back on all other purchases. Continue reading

I frequently visit my local Nike shop and I was hoping I’d be able to find a Nike credit card application online, but instead I found out that they don’t offer a credit card. Is there any way that I can receive benefits on my Nike purchases?

Answered on

Yes, there are actually a few things that you can do to get rewards. Have you heard of the NikePlus program? It’s basically the closest thing to a Nike rewards program. By becoming a member of NikePlus, you will receive a few exclusive Nike benefits. All members will be entitled to free… Continue reading

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