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Why do people keep telling me I need to have a credit history in order to get a credit card? I can’t establish creditworthiness until someone issues me a credit card; how am I supposed to get my first card, in that case?

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It can feel like a real Catch-22 when you are trying to get your first credit card. It’s true that some card issuers will turn down your application if you have no credit history. A credit card like the Edward Jones card, which offers travel perks for elite customers, probably isn’t going to be... Continue reading
If I get the student debit card from Community First union, will I be able to build my credit history?

Answered on

No. Debit cards as well as prepaid cards won't allow you to build credit history. Continue reading
What is the best type of credit card to apply for if I’ve never had a credit card before?

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Your first credit card is a big step, and an important one. Having a credit card means beginning to build a credit history and a credit score, which will be vital in the future, as you apply for loans and mortgages, job and apartments, and of course additional credit cards. Continue reading
I just turned 18 this year and want to start building credit how do I do this?

Answered on

There are several options for you. The first one, and probably the easiest one, is to become an authorized user on your parents’ credit card. As an authorized user you will be issued a separate card. Continue reading
I’m a student and want to apply for GameStop credit card. It will be my first credit card do you think it is a good credit card to start with?

Answered on

This credit card is good for people with established credit because it comes with very high interest rate. Also, you won’t be able to use this card outside GameStop locations. Continue reading
I am currently in school and I am trying to start building my credit. I am 21 and I’m pretty sure I have no credit. I was wondering if this Journey Student Card would be a good for me, and if I would even be approved? If this card isn’t for me, which would you suggest?

Answered on

To get approved for the you should have a credit report with at least one of the credit bureaus. Check your reports with the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian). Continue reading
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I’m only 18 but I want to build my credit. Which card should I apply?

Answered on

If you are a student, you can apply for a student credit card. These cards usually have lower rates and fees than traditional cards. They also can have a rewards program that will allow you to earn cash back or bonus points on your purchases. Continue reading
I am a college student with no credit history. I was hoping to get a credit card that would help me to build some good credit. I was hoping to find a card with little to no yearly fees. My main purpose is not to get reward points or cash back, I just want to build credit. Any advice on what card could help me would be great.

Answered on

You can consider applying for the student credit card from Discover. There is no annual fee or activation fee. The issuer will report your credit activity to the major credit bureaus every month. You will be able to monitor your credit progress because your FICO credit score will be included on... Continue reading
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