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Credit Card for Two

March 06, 2007 | Updated on March 06, 2007
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Today?s credit card industry is becoming more and more open to credit card applications for authorized users. This type of online credit card applications come in the form of additional credit cards that can be used by anyone but are issued in the name of the applicant with a good or excellent credit history. When you want to give someone a credit card as a present, you can get it as an additional one to the credit card you?re applying at the moment. There is a special application form for an additional credit holder and he/she does get a separate credit card but still the credit account is attached to the primary applicant and the secondary credit card holder, or the authorized user, just consumes the limit on it.

Whether it?s a good practice to apply for additional credit card or not depends on a particular situation and the experience below allows you to make your personal choice in favor of it or against.

An acquaintance of mine, a woman in a strong financial standing, saw a good point in a credit card application allowing an additional credit card which she planned to give to her daughter to learn credit management. Owing to her good credit history, she could shop around best online credit card applications for credit cards with no fees, lowest rates possible and lavish rewards.

Thus, applying for a Blue from American Express with no annual fee and free rewards program, she signed up for an additional credit card and presented it as a birthday gift to her 17 year-old daughter. Perfect, isn?t it, when a teen has a chance to hold a real credit card and to learn how to manage it while it doesn?t start your credit history and doesn?t reflect negative information if there is such. With a credit card, a youngster learns how to plan his spending, to make rational purchases and even to save up. But that?s a good side of the story. The bad thing with all credit cards is that they are too convenient and, substituting cash, they get young people in the habit of not seeing or feeling the real cost of purchases. Teens may find it too easy and so attractive to shop using a credit card but their parents may find themselves paying bad interest on the card as a result.

Considering all that, does it make sense to get an additional credit card after all? But let?s face the reality and it is the following: the additional credit card holder uses the card but the whole responsibility for its charges is laid upon the primary applicant.

So, isn?t the risk too big? In Linda?s situation it was. Miranda, a college student, got access to programs of one of the best online credit card offers ? the AmEx Blue and did not think much whether or not to make the most out of them. She wandered from one shop to another, from party to party, charging a lot more than her mother could actually afford. At long last the credit report showed the number of $14,000 of debt which Linda found nearly impossible to repay. In fact, she got her credit score decreased and credit history damaged because of another person?s poor spending habits. Under the circumstances neither the mother benefited from the credit card?s terms nor the daughter learned the proper credit card management.

In an attempt to recover, Linda considered canceling her credit card, removing the existing debt off her card and assigning it to a separate account, the one of her daughter?s. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to implement. At the moment she is still facing a debt to pay off and it is not going to take short time.

Well, that?s the truth about additional credit cards and it?s not that the credit card is bad itself but it?s the improper credit management of your children, friends or colleague that makes you regret applying for it even it is the best credit card offer online.

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  • Larry
    With the Virgin / Barclaycard signature offer, there seems to be some consumer deception or maybe even outright fraud goin on.   I decided to jump on this offer..  read all the info on it..  was approved for their platinum card, paid the fee, then was only awarded 10,000 points instead of the advertised 20,000.   When i inquired about the less than advertised bonus points, Barclaycard claims only Signiture Visa cardmembers get the 20,000..  as a platinum cardholder, you don't qualify for that level of bonus, so you get 10k instead.   Well, in their current ongoing promotions, it states plain as day that....    Applicants approved for the Visa Signature or Platinum Card with $49 annual fee will receive 20,000 Bonus Points awarded to your Virgin America Rewards Account at the close of the first billing statement in which you make your first purchase or balance transfer (that is not returned or rescinded) and have paid the Annual Fee on the account (and such fee is not rescinded). They don't mention anything about a separate program for platinum cardholders..  However, trying to get someone to resolve this issue with either Virgin or Barclaycard seems to be rather impossible.. Seems to me they're simply drawing people in with the fraudulent offer, then simply saying, oh, we're sorry you don't qualify..  but thanks for signing up for our garbage credit card with insane fees..   
  • CreditLandCom
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We have reviewed this offer and you are correct, nowhere it is mentioned that 20,000 Bonus can become a 10,000 Bonus all of a sudden... We will mention this in our review of this card so others can make an informed decision. Another way to get Virgin miles is to get an American Express charge card: The Business Gold Rewards Card® now offers 50,000 Miles, though you do have to spend $5,000 in the first three months of card membership to get it. It also has $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $175. Premier Rewards Gold Card now offers 25,000 Miles, though you do have to spend $2,000 during your first three months of Card membership. It also has annual fee of $0 for the first year, then $175. While we do not know If any of these offers make sense to you, we are at least sure that you will get advertised bonus in full if you decide to get them... Conversion rates for Virgin America are: 100 Elevate Points = 200 Membership Rewards® Points All the best.
  • Deborah Ellsworth
     would very much like to start a new credit history  by making payments on time I would tohave a credit card that is NOT PREPAYID! I don't need a card with a high limit just something to start a new credit history. Thank You Deborah Ellsworth
  • Deborah Ellsworth
    I would very much like to start a new credit line to get back on track. I DO NOT WANT A PREPAID CARD!! This new credit card if I am approved does not have to hace a high limit just something for me to start over again and prove myself ThankYou. D Ellsworth
  • Miss Edna
    there is a huge problem with the RFIP chip: it is easily compromised. There are already 'readers' in the form of what looks like a cellphone in a case, that scans all the info in the chip by merely walking near a person -- this 'reader' penetrates leather, cloth, spandex, etc. The only thing it will NOT penetrate is METAL. Perhaps one has seen commercials touting metal credit card cases. Here is my hint for a free fix: cut a piece of aluminum foil or use the foil that is used to keep foods fresh, like coffee. Cut it so that when folded once, it forms a sleeve for your credit card. place the credit card in the sleeve, then place the sleeve in your wallet.
  • Robin Parks
    I am looking to apply for the AARP Visa signature card from Chase that offers $100 after spend $500 in first 3 months, no annual fee and 0% interest first year; I don't want to mail in offer because of having to write in Social security #. Can you direct me to the proper on-line site?
  • CreditLandCom
    The Chase bank cards are not currently available at, but you can consider applying for the Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card - $100 Cash Back. The cards has similar terms and cash back program.
  • Becky
    This is Becky Now what do I do just waqit for acard to come to me?
  • CreditLandCom
    Once you have applied, you should receive a letter within 10 business days letting you know if you were approved and when your card will arrive. If you did not receive any letter or notification from the issuer, you should contact them directly. Also, you should contact the issuer if you’ve been waiting for your credit card longer than 30 days. Since we are not a bank and don’t issue credit cards, we cannot give you any information about your application or credit card.
  • SavingStar
    Thank you for posting about SavingStar. Just to clarify one sentence in your article, we have over 5 million members (not 500). Thanks, Josh
  • CreditLandCom
    Sorry for the misprint. We’ve corrected the sentence. Thank you for noticing that.
  • Eric
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