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News: The New Discover Categories for 2019 are here -

People with the Discover it® Cash Back credit card get 5% back on different categories during the year (up to the quarterly maximum, 1% cash back after that, you need to activate categories) and Discover has now released the categories for next year, offering enhanced cash back on everything from gas and eating out to groceries and Amazon purchases. This early notice gives cardholders the chance to start planning how they will maximize their purchases and rewards.

First things first let's start with January, when cardholders get 5% back when they go grocery shopping. This category starts in January and ends in March of 2019. Do you spend a lot on gas? If so you may well be excited to learn that you will get 5% back when hitting the gas station. But that's not all cardholders also earn 5% back when catching a ride with Uber or Lyft. This category goes from April through June 2019.

Eating out can get pricey but getting 5% back can take the sting out of it. Cardholders earn the enhanced rewards when eating out between July and September 2019. What is more, 5% cash back is given on PayPal during this period. And last but not least they will earn 5% back when shopping with, Target and from October until December 2019 - just in time for the holidays.

Keep in mind that to receive this 5% cash back you will need to sign up each quarter and 5% cash back is earned on $1,500 in purchases each quarter, then you will continue earning 1% cash back.

Rewards and cash back with Discover it® Cash Back

With the Discover it® Cash Back credit card people earn the enhanced 5% in select categories (up to the quarterly maximum, 1% cash back after that, you need to activate categories) but they also earn 1% back on all other purchases, whether they are traveling or just doing their day to day lives.

At the end of the first year of having the Discover it® Cash Back credit card they also get a bonus. Discover will match all the cash back they have earned during the year (provided you are a new cardmember). There is no limit on how much cash back they can earn.

Redemption and extras

What about redeeming rewards? Cardholders can redeem their cash back whenever they want to and they can redeem it for any amount they want. Their rewards do not have an expiration date.

There are a variety of perks and features that come along with this card, including getting free Social Security number alerts on their phone. These alerts let them know if their data shows up on risky websites being monitored by Discover. Cardholders who want to keep track of their FICO score can get it for free from Discover as well.

They can also get access to a feature called Freeze it®, letting them put a hold their card if it goes missing without having to contact Discover, and then unfreeze it when they find it.

There is no annual fee for the Discover it® Cash Back credit card.

People can get more information by visiting the website.