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Hi, it’s Peggy Lee, VP Partners, Together, we can create a BIG, new Ancillary Revenue Source for YOU as a Marketing Partner

Get a $100 Bonus per sale on top of a lucrative ongoing $150 marketing fee for April 2018 referring. Start marketing now to qualify... IT'S EASY!


  1. Add a promotional Link onto an itinerary, reservation, partner email, email signature, newsletter or ad on a website.
  2. Your client clicks thru to our Search Engine and finds the best card for their needs from top Brands: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express - “no International currenсy transaction fees, best credit card for weddings - get honeymoon with points”, etc.
  3. We track by agent and agency and pay you a marketing fee, with financial and marketing reports.

It’s so easy to set up and try - start up time and resource requirements are minimal. (NO IT or integration required) We will have you up and earning $$$$ in 24 hours.



Key Benefits of Getting a New Travel Credit Card for Customer or Member:

  • Big Sign-up bonus 50,000 = $500
  • Your clients all want POINTS AND PERKS. Give them the tool to find the right card, and then encourage them to use the points for their airline tickets.
    Then they book the hotel or cruise with you cash = More loyalty, Greater Potential for Hotel/Cabin Upgrade, and a Happier Client.
  • EVERYBODY WINS! The client or member and you, the agent, community or supplier
  • According 2017 Study Avg American Spend $721 domestically and $3,870 internationally
    If your customer does not carry a credit card with No foreign transaction fees, he will be charged by his card issuer a 3% on all his purchases oversea. On $3,870 it would equal $116.10 in saving for YOUR customers.
  • Car Rental Insurance can cost as much as $19 per day.
    Most Travel Credit Cards will cover it for free as long as you pay for car rental with their credit cards.
    *Avg 10 Days Saving $190

Recommend The Best Credit Card Rewards For Your Customers:

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…by simply referring your clients and subscribers to our Credit Card Search Engine, you give your client a breadth of options to save money and earn travel points! A great value added service! INCLUDING NO FEE CARDS, LOWER INTEREST RATES AND AIRPORT CLUB ACCESS!

Call or Email Peggy Lee,,
at 203-570-8739 or

Our company launched a credit card search engine 17+ years. Since 2000, we established direct partnerships with different banks/credit card issuers, providing consumers an easy way to access, compare and apply to various credit card options based on credit grade, card feature and card issuer.