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Simple and effective methods to stay financially secure


An inability to repay creditors either by a sole individual or an institution is termed as bankruptcy. Creditors, themselves may also apply for bankruptcy against debtors who have failed to make payments on time. The basket case trend was brought into picture earlier so that creditors could largely benefit… Continue reading

How to establish credit with a no credit history


Obtaining a credit card or any other kind of loan can be quite frustrating especially when you have no credit history. Establishing the initial credit history can also be quite tricky. When you don’t have credit, there are not too many places that will be willing to give you credit and then if no one is… Continue reading

Debt consolidation for those with a bad credit history


Bad credit history is something that all of us are faced with at some point in time.  People sometimes end up in this situation, due to poor financial planning and bad spending habits, but at other times the reason could be genuine and due to certain unavoidable circumstances. However, one must never look… Continue reading

What does having no credit history imply?


What is no credit history? Before we get an answer to this question we should first know what a credit history is and the factors that go into the making of a credit history. A credit history or a credit score consists of a person’s past loan details, how he/she repaid those loans, whether he […] Continue reading

Funding your education with student credit cards


Educational funding is always high on the average student’s priority list among the various things in life. Gaining monetary benefits for education is anything but easy and if pondered upon may seem like a herculean task. For students who’ve crossed their 18 year mark, a student credit card can prove to be… Continue reading

Things to avoid to prevent bad credit history


A credit history is a treasure that you have to keep building over years. If you ruin your credit history, you will find it really difficult to rebuild it. Having no credit history is much better than having a bad credit history. A black mark on your history stays on your record for eight years. […] Continue reading

Refinance your bad credit loans if you have a bad credit history


Seeking bad credit loans is a good way to refinance mortgage loans. This would help in lowering the mortgage payments every month. This is also another way to boost your credit score provided you make your monthly mortgage loan payments on time. Before opting for the refinance it is always a good idea to… Continue reading

What to do when you have no credit history?


Credit history is a record of a person’s financial transactions which shows his borrowing and repaying activities. There are a number of reasons, why you may not have a credit history. One main reason is age. You have to be 18 years and above to hold a credit card. You can have a credit card […] Continue reading

Why you should avoid going bankrupt?


To certain people that are undergoing bad financial crisis, declaring bankruptcy might seem very tempting. However, you should know that there are a lot of problems that are associated with doing so, which would effectively make it quite lucrative to remain in a difficult position, rather than give up and… Continue reading

Loans for those with bad credit history


Sometimes we invariably end up with a bad credit history and this is reflected with a bad credit score. With a bad credit history, it is not very easy to secure a loan or a mortgage. The only solution is to opt for a bad credit personal loan. If one has to apply for a […] Continue reading

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