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Avoiding bankruptcy while there is still time


Many people fear the word bankruptcy. After all, going bankrupt is definitely something that most people would not look forward to. There is quite a lot of damage that this can do, and this is not just financially. Many people have long-lasting psychological issues that arise from going broke. Hence, for the… Continue reading

How to get credit with no credit history?


Getting credit cards without credit history or a good credit score is futile. However, all is not lost when you don`t have a credit history. There are certainly some ways in which you can get credit without credit history. In fact, you can get cards to carry out your online transactions without having any… Continue reading

How to avoid bad credit history


A credit history is an account holder`s past ability to repay an amount that has been borrowed. It is of prime importance in financial institutions to keep an individual`s credit record in mind when lending and borrowing money. Having an impaired credit history is called a bad credit history and it is… Continue reading

How to ensure that bad credit history does not pose a problem


Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to end up with bad credit history. Considering that we are only recently beginning to recover from recession, it is not unfamiliar if you ran into debts that you were having a tough time clearing. Not only do you end up spending a lot of money trying to […] Continue reading

Are student credit cards a worthwhile option?


Many people think that credit cards are only for the employed. This is not true, as there are a lot of students whom are not working and does have a credit card. Hence, if you are a student and are on the fence about whether or not a credit card is good for you, you […] Continue reading

How to get a credit with no credit history


Credit history is the record of borrowing and repayment of debts and loans pertaining to an individual. When the individual has repaid all his loans on time and without defaulting on even a single payment, he is sure to have a good credit history. On the other hand, if the borrower defaults in repayment of… Continue reading

Ways to pay off credit card debt


Paying back credit card debt can be particularly difficult if there is no proper financial plan in place. A sound repayment plan should be thought out in order to successfully repay the outstanding balance. Here are some tips to clear off credit card debts in a more manageable and easy way. Multiple Cards If… Continue reading

Different credit cards to build a sound credit history


Having a credit history is as important as having a social security number. It provides credibility to the individual and validates the financial situation. Every major financial transaction involves credit checks, so having no credit history creates a situation similar to having a bad credit history…. Continue reading

The problems with credit cards for bad credit history


Those who have had a bad credit history often find it hard to get credit. A bad credit history reflects poorly on the creditworthiness of an individual. A lower credit rating or FICO credit score means that the better credit cards and reward programs are not offered to such customers. There are, however some… Continue reading

Ten ways to repair a bad credit history


Credit history is an official record maintained by the credit history agencies. This record has details of how well an individual manages his debts. His ability to repay his loans on time gives him a good credit history while any kind of default on his part will have a negative effect on his credit… Continue reading

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