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What to Know about Prepaid Credit Cards


In the old days, consumers could and did mostly rely on cash to pay for most, if not all items, but now days, cash will not get you everywhere. Cash is becoming a local commerce, and credit an international one.For example, many hotels, cruises and airlines don`t accept just cash. Even if they do accept… Continue reading

Money Before Marriage


It may not be easy, but bringing up personal finances as well as inquiring about your partner`s finances will help you and your relationship in the long run.Your partner may already have good budgeting and spending habits, or they may have terrible ones ransacked by student loans and poor money management…. Continue reading

How To Handle Money Matters When Engaged


Money is important when your single, so it’s of even more importance when you are about to take the big leap. Money becomes an issue in many marriages. Either couples don’t have enough or don’t share enough. Many of these issues stem from a lack of communication in the finance department. So I advise you… Continue reading

Are Private Variable-rate Student Loans an Option?


Before I entered college, I was told so many things about student loans, ranging from ‘don`t get any’ to’ get as many as you can because of the low interest rate`. For a 17 year old with no financial know-how, student loans were the scariest thing to me, I was thankful for the help of […] Continue reading

Common features of bad credit history credit cards


Bad credit history credit cards are offered by card issuers and lenders who are looking to take a bigger risk for bigger gains. Since the cards are offered to customers with low creditworthiness the terms are severe. Bad credit history credit cards are notorious for their hidden charges, high fees and… Continue reading

Features of prepaid cards for bad credit history


Those who have a bad credit history should try and rebuild their credit scores as it is the only way they can climb up the ladder once again and prove their creditworthiness. However, this could be a tough ask especially because very few lenders would approve credit cards for no credit history or for bad… Continue reading

No credit history credit options


Those who have no credit history cannot let things be as it is forever. From employers to landlords, insurance providers to home loan lenders, everyone looks at your credit history before setting the terms and conditions. However, it is also very difficult to build your credit history when there is no credit… Continue reading

Credit card approvals for students with no credit history


Banks are now getting strict with the rules and regulations while granting approvals for credit cards for customers with no credit history. Hence, college students who have no credit history or any other financial background are finding it very difficult to avail credit cards. But, there are ways and… Continue reading

Picking the right credit card for dealing with bad credit history


The only way of dealing with bad credit history is to improve your credit score and come out of it. Most negative events on your credit file stay there for years thus raising question marks over your creditworthiness every time you apply for a credit card, insurance or loan. Delinquencies, bankruptcy and… Continue reading

Bad credit history cards that you need to be careful of


There are many different credit cards in the market targeted for those with excellent credit history. However, some lenders offer credit cards even for those with bad credit history and a low credit score, below 600 or 500. Since the individuals who receive those cards are not as creditworthy, the risk… Continue reading

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