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Using student credit cards to learn better financial management


Student credit cards are very useful tools that help in cultivating a healthy financial habit. Learning to manage finances at an early stage in life will help even in future. You can start building a credit history and learn the ropes as this will help in securing any type of loan in the future. Even if… Continue reading

5 reasons to avoid bad credit history


Bad credit history translates to a bad credit score, which in return translates to poor credibility. Loss of credibility is something that no one should like or be comfortable with. Moreover, bad credibility often leads to many financial losses too, if you look at your affairs closely. So although sustaining… Continue reading

Tackling bad credit issues with the help of these simple tips


When you consider the word bad credit history, I am sure it brings up really bad images in your mind. There is so much to deal with in terms of your finances, work, employment opportunities, mortgage and more. Consumers continue to struggle with housing loans and employment opportunities as the economy… Continue reading

Getting a credit card when you don`t have credit history


Today credit cards have become a way of life. People choose to charge everything to their card and pay up in installments and without it, many things would not get done. Even if you don`t have bulk money for a large scale purchase or down payment, you can use your credit card. However, what about […] Continue reading

Pragmatic ways to build from no credit history


A credit history is extremely essential for every consumer. Credit card lenders, banks, insurance companies and even prospective employers take a look at the credit history of an individual before determining their creditworthiness. This is the reason why it is imperative that one must try and build on their… Continue reading

Overcoming your bad credit history without stretching yourself thin


Almost all credit card holders face certain credit card related problems at least once in their lifetime. Many card holders have a bad credit history brought about as an aftermath of recession. What matters is how you get out of it and what strategies you use to improve your conditions. There are many ways… Continue reading

Use student credit cards with care for a better financial future


Being a student and away at college is a very exciting time for everyone. Especially during this time, it becomes more important than ever to have enough money to do things with your peers. Student credit cards are a sought after item for a number of reasons including the fact that it is the first […] Continue reading

Get credit cards despite having no credit history


People often hear about no credit history being a real problem. Whatever you want to do in life, having credit history is the very first step. It is important to find one way or another of making sure that you have a decent credit history. When you never have had a credit card, this can […] Continue reading

The basics of availing a loan with bad credit history


When you have a bad credit history availing a loan becomes the most difficult task. This is an adverse situation for anyone to be in and this can affect your loan approval as well. Individuals with a bad credit history are generally considered to be the ‘most risky’ borrowers. Lenders find it difficult to… Continue reading

Few simple steps to fix bad credit on your credit report


Although we are careful enough it is still possible to fall into bad credit. All it takes is a few missed payments or late payments and that will instantly get reflected on the credit report. However, it is important to understand that falling into bad credit is a part and parcel of life. It is […] Continue reading

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