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Research: Travel rewards for credit cards consumers in US -

The best reward received through continuous usage of credit card is the travel reward. It helps the customers to budget their holiday trips and vacations wisely. Due to recession and increased austerity, luxurious travel has taken a hit along with other methods of travel. Earlier, people use to splurge several thousands of dollars on a vacation. But, of late they are tightening their belts by availing short holiday trips or not availing long vacations at all. Surprisingly, it has not affected the tourism industry. Credit card rewards are offered in the form of travel rewards or frequent flying miles enabling the travellers to get increased values out of their business travels or holiday trips by using credit cards with the best reward points for travel.

The following are the top and best credit card rewards offered as travel rewards to US customers:

• American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Card

This reward card is offered with a sign-up bonus with a minimum of 10,000 points. These rewards points are sufficient to spend three free nights and four free days in most of the Starwood group of hotels. The reward points are offered instantly after the first purchase is made using this card. Additionally, two reward points are added to the card for every dollar spent at the hotel and forms a part of the credit card rewards program. Moreover, customers with these cards are offered with high privileges and facilities.

• Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

It is an excellent credit card reward program for travel and really adds value to the planning trip of the customer. It offers the minimum of 25,000 travel reward points for using the credit card for a minimum of $3,000 during the first three months. The travel points are equivalent to getting an air travel free of cost two to three times. The card holders can earn a waiver of 7% on purchases done and receive double bonus points for every booked air travel.

Capital One Orbit Visa Platinum card

Orbitz is a popular travel website which offers VISA platinum cards that can be used for booking hotels, flights, car rentals, etc. The card holder gets a minimum of three reward points on travel for each dollar spent on utilizing the services offered by the company. Additionally, bonus points are also added with the reward programs on redemption of the travel reward points.

• Discover Escape Card

Discover Escape cards offer the reward point of 1000 bonus miles for first 25 months, irrespective of the amount spent on the credit card. Additionally, they offer double miles for purchasing an air ticket and another two miles for every dollar spent on their authorised website.