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Knowing your credit score is an important first step in finding the right credit card offer for you. The credit score will show if you will be approved for a credit card. You will know whether it's worth applying for a card for good and excellent credit history, or you'd better consider the offers for bad credit.

If you've already have a credit card, track your credit score and see whether you are doing right or you need to change the credit behavior. It is good to check the credit report regularly and see if it is correct and do not contain doubtful records.

The following services give consumers a FREE look at their credit scores with all 3 major credit bureaus instantly online:

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  • TransUnion, Equifax, Experian Scores (View a Sample).
  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts.
  • Your Scores Delivered in Seconds**.
  • ** After verification of your identity, your scores are available for secure online delivery in seconds.
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  • Get Your Free Credit Score & $1 Report Now.
  • UNLIMITED updates to your TransUnion credit score and monitoring.
  • Email alerts of any critical changes to your TransUnion credit.
  • Personalized debt analysis and credit trending.
  • Up to $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance.
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  • Your Credit Score Should Be Free - and Now It Is.
  • Get Your Absolutely Free Credit Score.
  • Stay on Top of All of Your Accounts in One Place.
  • No Trials. No Credit Cards. Truly Free.
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  • Check your Credit Scores Experian, TransUnion & Equifax.
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring at all 3 Credit Bureaus.
  • Stop fraud with automatic Triple Bureau Credit Alerts.
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  • Help spot the early signs of Credit Fraud & Identity Theft.
  • See your FREE Credit Scores when you try PrivacyGuard.
  • Understand your credit scores so you can negotiate the best rates.
  • Checking your own credit will not cause damage.
Get Credit Report and Credit Score
  • 3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores.
  • Credit Monitoring & Alerts.
  • Fraud Resolution Support.
Get Credit Score
  • Credit scores free with 7-day free trial.
  • Membership is then just $29.95 per month.
  • TransUnion, Equifax, Experian Scores.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts.
  • New Credit Reports and Scores each month.
  • $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance.
Get Credit Report and Credit Score
  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports and Scores, 7 Day Free Trial.
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  • Get your FREE Transunion Credit Score™.
  • Also receive a free trial to Transunion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring.
  • 24/7 credit file monitoring and alerts of key changes to your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit files.
  • Ongoing access to your Transunion Credit Score™.
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  • FREE CREDIT SCORE offer backed by Experian!
  • Get Your Free Credit Scores and $1 Reports in Seconds!
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  • Get Your FREE Credit Score!
  • Access Credit Scores from All Credit Bureaus.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts.

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