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Horizon Gold Credit Card: Guaranteed Approval, Even for Bad Credit
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Horizon Gold Credit Card: Guaranteed Approval, Even for Bad Credit

Updated: March 28, 2014
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Get approved for a $500 credit limit and go shopping today

The Horizon Gold Credit Card has helped thousands of people get back into the credit card game after their credit report has taken a few hits. It’s important to realize up front though that this is not a traditional, unsecured credit card. This card can only be used to buy things from Horizon’s own site, and they do charge shipping and processing fees for those items, as well as monthly fees for the card. Think of this more like a debit account that will be reported to the bureaus as an unsecured line of credit.

Credit level recommended: Bad
APR on purchases: 0.00%
Monthly fee: $24.95

Special offers:

This card caters to people who want to build or rebuild their credit. You can get instant approval with no credit check and no employment verification – but you’ll have to pay about $30 in startup fees, along with monthly fees. It does, however, report your activity to major credit bureaus and can help people get credit cards who otherwise would not be able to get one.

Earning rewards:

This card has no rewards program.

Redeeming rewards:

No rewards program so no redemption.


For someone who can’t get a credit card at all and may have been turned down multiple times, having a credit card can be an advantage. Being approved quickly without a credit check or employment verification can seem like a big benefit if you’ve been turned down before or are currently unemployed. The card will be reported as an unsecured line of credit and can help your credit score improve too.

Buy things for: Women, Men, Kids/Baby, Entertainment, Home, Toys, Seasonal


Horizon Gold Credit Card

Expert Rating:

The Horizon Gold Credit Card is an option for people with bad credit or no credit. You must be aware with this card that you will only be able to buy things from the Horizon Outlet – and that those items will be marked up and cost extra for shipping. The Horizon Gold card also has high fees; $29.95 to open your account and $24.95 a month thereafter. That’s a pretty high price for a better credit report. For the same type of card but with no fee, take a look at the Fingerhut card. If your credit is bad but you would still rather try for a more traditional credit card, consider a secured card or even an unsecured one.

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  • luetress washington

    my name is luetress wasington and I applied for your horizon credit card and was approvied you took money off my card so when am I to receive my credit card

    • CreditLandCom

      Once you are approved you can expect your credit card to arrive to your place within 15 business days. Also, if approved, you should receive an approval letter with credit card terms and issuer’s contact information. Note that at, our goal is to help people find the best credit card offers all in one place and be a comprehensive, informative home base for credit card applications. We want to bring our readers great credit card offers and allow them to apply for them right through our site – but we ourselves do not issue credit cards. Therefore, we cannot give you details about your credit card. Contact the Horizon directly if you have questions.

  • sheri

    where can you use it in stores walmart?

    • CreditLandCom

      No, you can’t use the Horizon Gold Credit Card in Walmart stores. The card can only be used to buy things at the Horizon’s own site:

  • Antoinette Green

    My name is Antoinette green and you room money off my card and I didn’t even say I wanted the card I need my money please back in my account please and thank you

    • CreditLandCom

      If you’ve applied for a credit card through our site and received the card, you might wonder if we are the ones to turn to when you have questions about your account. However, we provide links where customers can apply for credit cards, but once you’ve followed the link, you are on a secure site run by the credit card issuing bank. We do not have access to any of the information you provide on your application, or to your account if it is approved.
      Since we are not a bank and don’t issue credit cards, we cannot answer questions about specific transactions or address issues with your account. If you think the Horizon Card Services charges your account, you can contact them by calling 1-800-251-6144.

  • rj

    So this card cant b used at a gas station? N u took out money frm my account two times nw n hvnt recieve my card…

    • CreditLandCom

      The Horizon Gold Credit Card has a membership program which allows you receive some privileges. The members have access to different courtesy programs, one of which called My Fuel Savings. Since that is a membership privilege, the details are not available to the public. All information about program should be verified with the issuer – Horizon Card Services™.

  • paola

    hi I want to know how much money you take for my card if applied for horizon

    • CreditLandCom

      Once you are approved the Horizon Card Services will charge you a processing fee of $29.95.



    • CreditLandCom

      Please address all your concerns and issues to the creditor directly. We are not a bank and we do not issue credit cards. We are the service which helps you to find the credit card offers suitable to your credit situation. It is always important to read the terms and conditions of every offer you consider before you start the application process. Because every credit card issuer has its own terms.
      Contact the Horizon’s customer services department at 1-800-251-6144.

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