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Inconsistent relationship between percentages of income spent and actual cost of tuition and room and board expenses can be explained by the financial help given by parents toward tuition, but not necessarily toward housing and food costs.
According to a study of student expenditures at Yale University, one college freshman spent $4,500 in his first year (the equivalent of $94,541.44 in today's dollars).
The least amount spent by a freshman that year was $200, or $4,201 adjusted for inflation.
90% Cellphone
76% DVD Player
73% Television
56% Digital Camera
37% Digital Music Player
66% Receive funds from home
Mean monthly anount received
from home : $312
49% Work part time
Mean monthly earnings : $453

15.9: Mean hours worked part-time

College students are expected to spend more than
gearing-up for campus
this year, according
to the National Retail
$ 2,000:
Average credit card debt for college students, according to Nellie Mae.
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