The primary purpose of participating in the Student Credit Card Education Initiative is to improve your personal finance management skills. You will attend online classes and take a final exam to test your knowledge.

The SCCEI will also provide you with access to educational articles and interactive materials written by industry experts and students across the U.S., sharing their experiences. All services are provided free of charge to all students and participating institutions.

By participating in the Student Credit Card Education Initiative, you will
receive interactive educational material in the form of a custom webpage to be hosted on your website. This webpage will be customized with your school's logo, interactive lessons and a final exam.

Also included will be educational articles written by credit card experts and by students sharing their personal experiences. The Student Credit Card Education Initiative also offers the option of awarding certificate of achievement to the students that pass final exam. The initiative is a sponsored action to promote better credit education and does not cost anything to participate.

As approximately 17 million teenagers leave home in the fall to experience
independence in college, many are given their first credit/debit cards to exercise some
level of financial freedom.

Here is some interesting statistics from Fed Reserve and Census:

of students own credit cards and
own a credit card in their 4th or 5th year.
of students carry debt
balances from month to month.
use their card to pay for their