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‘Credit Cards’ is not the easiest subject and we understand that you may have lots of different questions related to it. That’s why our experienced experts are always here to help you. You can ask any question related to credit cards or scroll down to see if answered questions below can help you.

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Is Avianca Vida Visa card available in MD? When I tried to apply for the card a couple of months ago, it wasn’t.

Answered by , at

Leo Zhu
Unfortunately, the card is unavailable in Maryland. But the company is working on it and there is a chance their cards will be available in this state. They've started accepting applications from D.C. residents recently, so the chances are ... Continue reading
I have RC Wiley credit and want to transfer the balance I have on it to a credit card and then close my RC Willeys account. What card would you recommend? My credit is good.

Answered by , at

When it comes to transferring balances from cards like the rc willey financing card, there are a wide range of general rewards cards available that come along with balance transfer offers. These special offers let people transfer balances to a card with a low or no APR, so they can save money in the ... Continue reading
Is there the 60K promo for Avianca credit card? My friend used the promo code to apply.

Answered by , at

There's no Avianca credit card with such promo offer. The current Avianca credit card offers are as follows. The Avianca Vida Visa card allows you to get 20,000 bonus LifeMiles after the first card use. The second card, the Avianca Vuela Visa card, gives you 40,000 bonus LifeMiles after the first card ... Continue reading
I’m not sure what the difference is between a store credit card and a MasterCard or Visa. Can you explain how they are each meant to be used?

Answered by , at

It can be a little bit confusing to understand the difference between these types of cards, for sure. After all, they look the same and both function as credit cards. But a store card, like a Massey credit card, can only be used to purchase things at the particular retailer which issues it, or from ... Continue reading
How do I get a RC Wiley credit card?

Answered by , at

RC Willeys has a financing card, which is typically used to pay for big ticket items, and looks just like a credit card. People can apply directly on the website, via their application matrix. Typically stores like rc wiley also let you apply while you're in the store, but no matter where you apply it ... Continue reading
Does Walgreens have a credit card?

Answered by , at

No, they do not offer a credit card of any kind. However, they do have a Walgreens rewards card. This card gives shoppers access to sales as well as rewards. Their program is called Balance Rewards and it also works at Duane Reade locations. This card allows shoppers to earn points for every qualifying ... Continue reading
Who is the issuer of the Avianca Visa card? Is it available in the US?

Answered by , at

The Avianca credit card is issued by Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. The card is available to the U.S. residents and in D.C. However, the offer is not available in all states. For example, residents of Maryland cannot apply for the Avianca credit card for the time being. But company is working on it and ... Continue reading
I am looking to apply for RC Willey credit card but my credit is slightly above 650. Will I qualify?

Answered by , at

When it comes to snagging the credit card you want typically people need a good credit score, which means having a score that falls in the 660 and 719 range. Someone with a score of 650 might want to wait and build their credit up a bit more so they can be fairly sure they will get the card when they ... Continue reading
I spend a lot of money on prescriptions every month, what credit card would you recommend for me to get the most back from the money I spend on prescriptions. I fill most of my prescriptions at Walgreens?

Answered by , at

First of all one thing that I think is of utmost importance for you to know is that if you are a member of Balance Rewards and you use your reward card when picking up your prescription it will automatically give you 100 points for each one filled. In addition to a Balance Rewards card (which can be ... Continue reading
If I have a Merit Bank credit card, do I need to carry any other type of credit card, or can I use this for all my credit card needs?

Answered by , at

The average household has more than two credit cards, and many people actually carry five or more credit card accounts. So as you can see, there’s really no reason to limit yourself to just one type of card. The card you have may be fine for everyday purchases, but is it offering you good rewards, like ... Continue reading

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