Credit Cards for Engines

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Credit Cards for Engines

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Credit Cards for Engines

I came of age for credit cards long ago but only recently did I become eligible to buy an auto and apply for credit card to maintain it. I was very surprised to find there is actually a very extensive market of automotive credit cards out there and I could choose myself a credit card depending on the car brand I'm going to purchase.

Should I desire Subaru, Lexus or Audi, there is a best reward Visa or MasterCard for each of them, so I thought I should do homework and make a very close car and credit card compare before I come to definite decision.

I do not mean to boast in any way, but my good credit history allows me both - to qualify for an expensive vehicle and to get guaranteed and instant credit approval for the credit card chosen. The hardest part for me is to make the right choice and get a credit card that will enable me to save good money on the car expenses.

Now, what do I have to look through and choose from? People, we must give credit for the all-powerful Internet as does provide access to the latest information and serve as a perfect guide and assistant in making purchasing decisions.

On sifting through a pile of sites with thematic articles and blogs, I started hesitating between some of the best credit card applications from Visa and MasterCard as all of them promised to make the maintenance of my new auto cheaper and easier.

Still, I had to stop at something and, putting the details I collected on paper, I got the following: Citi Driver's Edge Platinum Select MasterCard allowed me to enjoy rebates irrespective of the vehicle brand I want to see in my garage. You can earn rewards even if you have no other option except a used car, which is not the case with me, though.

The Citi cardholders were also promised rebates of 6% on purchases at drugstores, gas stations and supermarkets with a subsequent drop to 3%. Well, isn't it just a sweet credit card deal, which, above its lavish rebates, offers its potential users 0% intro APR, low ongoing APR flavoured with no annual fee to boot?

No doubt, it would be a perfect credit card for my auto, especially as I don't seem to know exactly what brand car I want.

But I chanced to discover Subaru Platinum MasterCard and the card, with its no annual fee and a generous reward program, captured all my attention and aroused real interest. Just imagine that rebates you earn with Subaru card are redeemable not only for vehicle parts and accessories but also for a new car!

I heard a friend of mine saying that with Subaru credit card  from Chase bank he could feel safe and confident on any road, any destination he is driving to thanks to numerous Subaru dealerships throughout the States providing you with trained staff and qualified service.

There's only one drawback, however significant for me, and it really makes me hesitate at some point. The matter is I cannot earn rebates of more than $500 per year. Considering that earning credit card rewards is my top priority in search for credit card, this drawback lays off my final decision and makes me continue to seek and compare credit cards.

Another thing to consider - is Subaru actually the car brand I dream to own? There is a too wide range of other, no less popular, posh and secure vehicles out there to stop at this particular auto, I guess.

And once again, let's say big thanks to the internet, though it does puzzle us at times. First it introduces you to the best that is available and then assures you that there's still more and much better to give a thought to.

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