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Research: Precautions to be taken when doing business with credit card -

Doing business with credit card has a number of advantages. Credit cards facilitate cashless transactions of money. Moreover business credit cards have higher credit limits than other cards. If a person is thinking of starting his own business then he need not invest his entire money in the set up but gets a substantial credit help with the use of his business credit cards. The repayment terms also allow the customer`s time to arrange for the money to repay his loan. This lets off a huge financial burden from the shoulders of the customer.

Steps to be taken when doing business with credit cards

Doing business with credit cards can be very beneficial only if certain precautions are followed.

  1. Security check - Check for the data security lapses involving major financial banks. Since you are to take huge amounts for starting a business so ensure that your personal data does not get divulged. It is best to gather information regarding past data breaches prior to getting involved in a deal. This can be done online.
  2. Before making a deal with a financial institute check the interest rates offered. You can compare the quotes on interest offered on business credit cards online itself where different companies put their interest information as a part of promotional activities.
  3. Debt repayment tenure should be checked. Ensure that the financial institute allows sufficient time for repayment of debts. This can be understood by getting ahold of their billing cycle information.
  4. Check the customer service facilities of the organization. Choose one that is customer friendly.
  5. Use post paid credit cards - Loss of debit cards or pre paid credit cards is more risky then use of post paid credit cards. So stick to the use of post paid business credit cards for even if the information`s get divulged it would be hard to steal money from them.
  6. Protect personal information - There are hundreds of calls from financial institutes that offer products on phone. Avoid divulging the personal details on phone as this may prove to be risky and your card might get used by others.
  7. Protect the credit card number and pin code - Do not hand over your business credit card to a stranger or divulge your pin number in any circumstances. This may lead to money theft.
  8. Finally the business credit card holder should ensure that he pays off his loan amount within the stipulated time limit. This would not only prevent the accumulation of interest rates but will also give him a good credit history.

If the above points are kept in mind then business credit cards can open up newer horizons in one`s life.