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News: American Express Gives More Time to Earn Welcome Bonus -

These days many people have to limit their spend due to the pandemic, and extension of the promotional period on American Express credit cards will give new cardholders more time to earn the introductory bonus.

Like many issuers, American Express already provides relief to its cardholders on an individual basis. The company offers flexible bill payments, directs cardholders to the financial hardship program, helps dispute charges, and provides other services and support.

Recently the company made an addition to the list. Amex announced that they are extending the promotional period to make purchases and earn a one-time welcome bonus for an additional three months for eligible cardholders.

Here's what the Amex website states:

"Due to the impact of COVID-19, for eligible Card accounts approved from December 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020 for which you are eligible for a welcome offer, the period to make eligible purchases to earn a welcome bonus will be extended for an additional 3 months. Eligible Cards are U.S. Consumer and Business Cards issued by American Express National Bank to a Basic Card Member."

This means that if you are approved for an American Express credit card by the end of May, you basically have 6 months to earn a welcome bonus offer instead of the usual three months.

What offers are eligible for the extension?

  • All American credit cards, consumer and business cards, are eligible for the extension.
  • Only welcome offers that offer to earn a bonus after making eligible purchases as a part of welcoming you to card membership upon opening or upgrading a card account.
  • The extension does not apply to any offers related to adding additional card members or offers related to promotional APRs, balance transfers, or other promotional fees.
  • Non-US cards or American Express cards issued by other financial institutions are not eligible.