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News: Amex Is Welcoming Contactless Payments -

American Express has been issuing contactless consumer and small business cards since July 2019. Plus, they are planning to make all newly-issued corporate cards contactless as well beginning October 2019.

Contactless payment technology is a technology that allows to pay simply by tapping your card against the contactless enabled terminal. No need to swipe or insert your card to make a payment. Contactless payments are absolutely secure.

While contactless transactions are secure and easy - just tap and go - there is a limit to a purchase amount. You can buy anything with a contactless credit card provided your purchase does not exceed $30 (or €30).

To see if your Amex card is contactless-enabled, simply look for the contactless symbol on the front or back of your card. If you do not see that symbol, your card is not a contactless-enable card. But do not get upset. You can contact Amex via their website or in the Amex Mobile app to request a contactless card.

Amex contactless cards are accepted at a growing number of merchants in the U.S. The merchants include 7-Eleven, Best Buy, Target, Chevron, SubWay, and many more. To make sure your Amex will be accepted, cook for the American Express and contactless symbol on the reader at merchants.

American Express believe that contactless payments will allow their card members to pay with cards more easily. It is one more option to pay for the things Amex card members buy. As for the merchants, for them it is an opportunity to offer their customers more payment options.