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News: Amex Limits The Number Of Cards Consumers Can Have -

With a lot of credit cards with attractive bonus offers and rewards, some consumers apply for a credit card to earn a bonus offer, use it, and move to the next offer in a circle. However, issuers are slowly finding ways to decrease so-called credit card churning.

All major credit card issuers have different rules and restrictions, official and unofficial, when it comes to approving people for new credit cards. The current situation with the pandemic does not make it easier for applicants either. Many issuers have added new restrictions, like the requirement of higher credit scores or limits to credit a consumer may have. And it looks like American Express limited the number of credit products a customer can have at a time.

Previously, American Express allowed having up to five credit cards per person and posed no limit to charge cards. However, the continued coronavirus pandemic that affects nearly every aspect of our life and the U.S. economy, prompted American Express to tighten their lending and approval standards. Now, instead of five Amex credit cards, customers can get up to four credit cards and up to ten charge cards at any time.

If you already have American Express credit cards, you might be able to keep them, but do not expect you'll be approved for new credit cards above the new limit in the near future.