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News: Capital One's Refer A Friend Program -

Capital One has a Refer a Friend program that allows Capital One cardmembers with eligible credit cards to refer people for credit cards through a unique link.

If you are an existing cardholder of a Capital One credit card, you can sign in to your account to see if you are eligible for the card referral program. If you are eligible, you will be able to get a personalized link which you can send to your friends, family, or co-workers to apply for a Capital One credit card. When they use your personalized link, you can earn a bonus (provided the person you referred applied and got approved).

The referral bonus will be in the same type of rewards your Capital One credit card normally earns. Thus, if you have a cash back credit card, the referral bonus will be a cash bonus, when you refer a card that earns miles, the referral bonus will be in miles.

Those who have Capital One business credit cards can Refer a Business. The Refer a Business program works the same way as the Refer a Friend program.

You can refer people for credit cards as long as your account is in good standing. Credit cards that can generate a referral link are all personal credit cards, including cards from Venture, Quicksilver, Savor and Platinum families, and you can refer people for business cars from Spark Cash and Spark Miles families (except for Capital One Spark Classic for Business).

There is no specific bonus amount you will earn through Refer a Friend and Refer a Business programs as all offers are generated individually and based on the card you have. That means not everyone will see the same bonuses when pulling a personalized link for their credit card. However, on average, miles rewards credit cards can offer up to 100K bonus miles pear year, and cash rewards credit cards may offer up to $500 per calendar year.

Please note that referral bonuses are not instant: you won't receive them right after your friend applied and got approved. It may take up to eight weeks to receive those bonuses. Plus, referral bonuses may be taxable and you may receive a 1099-MISC tax from for any referral bonuses you've earned.