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News: New Features for the Chase Ink Mobile App -

Chase Ink is rolling out their new redesigned mobile app which gives business owners more ways to keep on top of their spending whether their traveling or at the office. With the new app they can do everything from reviewing actual receipts to changing how much their employees can spend in real time. The app is free.

The Ink App is a way to give business customers more tools to run their businesses effectively. “The new Ink app was designed with one goal in mind: to simplify backend office management for small business owners so they can focus on their business,” said Laura Miller, president, Business Cards at Chase.

“By giving small business owners the ability to easily, quickly and more efficiently manage their finances and the financial activity of their employees, they have more time to focus on their passion and grow their small business,” she said.

Power in the details

Once the Ink App is downloaded and they log in, small business owners can access a wide range of tools. With this version they can now:

• Opt to get instant purchase alerts so they know exactly what is going on with their accounts.

• Tag their purchases so they go into customizable categories to make accounting easier.

• Set real time spending limits or adjusting them.

• Download receipts

• Access on-demand reporting.

Cardholders can also use an online tool to access their account.The app is free and available for both the iPhone and Android phones. It can be downloaded via iTunes and Google Play.

Chase Ink has a wide range of business cards in the Ink line. Their current portfolio includes Ink Cash offering cash back rewards and Ink Plus, offering premium rewards. With Ink Plus cardholders earn 50,000 bonus points once they spend $5,000 within the first 90 days. They earn five points per dollar onoffice supplies, cellular service, land-line and internet; two points per dollar on hotel stays and gas.