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News: Winnings Paid Out with WinStreak Visa Prepaid Card -

If you've ever won at the casino playing roulette or poker, or had a good run at the slot machine and wished you could get our payout on a payment card, you may be in luck. The J.G. Wentworth Company is launching the WinStreak Visa Prepaid Card. It lets casinos, iGaming, and fantasy sports operators give payouts for winnings via a prepaid card, which can be used just like a debit card.

The card gives consumers a way to get a fast easy payout, as well as offering gaming operators a streamlined way to interact with consumers who visit their gaming facility. "The WinStreak program and its card is a win-win for gaming operators and consumers," said Stewart A. Stockdale, J.G. Wentworth’s CEO.

"While the platform brings enhanced security to operators' payout systems, which have traditionally issued funds solely through cash, it also empowers consumers to better manage their winnings and accrue rewards in a fun, user-friendly way."

One of a kind

The WinStreak Visa Prepaid Card was developed using a new platform developed by FIS, a financial services technology company. The platform gives consumers access to their winnings, using an integrated mobile gaming application.

When a payment is issued it will be processed by FIS. The WinStreak Visa Prepaid Card is designed to give users heightened security, along with flexibility when accessing their winnings. It is a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) card which lets people use it like a debit card. And it is not contingent upon a credit rating or income.

Several benefits come with this card. It can be reloaded, used to go shopping in real time or online, used at ATMs for cash, and comes with purchase and fraud protection.

Just the latest

The new WinStreak card is one of many new initiatives by J.G. Wentworth has rolled out designed to give them a more diverse business base. These new initiatives usually expand the kinds of pre-paid products they offer. J.G. Wentworth also provides people with home lending and refinancing products, along with access to personal lending options.

For more information people can visit the J.G. Wentworth Company website.