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Research: Big-Ticket Purchases To Not Make With Your Credit Card -

You can use your credit card to purchase just about anything these days. And close to 75 percent of Americans have credit cards for everyday purchases, according to the US Census Bureau. Even though every one seems to have a credit card, they don’t necessarily know what to charge and what not to charge. Everything is not meant for credit, here are some large-ticket items that you don’t want to charge, as they can leave you paying off interest on the item for years to come.

Some people put their homes and medical expenses on credit cards, and if you are financially disciplined, this too can work for you, as there are certain cards that are credit cards specifically designed for that. But here are a few expenses that are never good to put on your credit card.

Tuition: Don’t put your college tuition on your credit card, it is a sure fire way to send your debt through the roof. College is already expensive enough, and the added interest that comes from a credit card can make college more expensive that it needs to be. Also problems can arise when you can’t afford to pay your credit card bill and you may be subject to extra fees or even kicked out of school for non-payment

Wedding: Weddings can be very lavish, and it is not something you should put on a credit card. With catering costs, decorating costs, and the expense of bringing two sets of families together can send you in the doghouse if you pay with it all on a credit card. Instead, save up to finance your wedding.

Plastic Surgery: There are a few credit cards that cover plastic surgery, but it’s only if you’re a habitual offender. If you are getting plastic surgery once or twice, opt to not put it on your credit card. These expensive purchases can take years to pay off, and doing it with credit isn’t the way. Plastic surgery procedures usually aren’t covered under insurance, as they are considered a commercial procedure. It’s in your best interest to save up for your plastic surgery on your own, and if you can’t personally finance, only charge a portion of it, not the whole thing.

Gambling: Gambling is a huge risk in itself, don’t bring your credit card into it. Once you bring your credit card into your gambling match, it becomes easier to bring your home and car in for collateral. If you bring your credit card into your gambling debts, you may have a problem.

Taxes: If you owe the government come April 15th, don’t use your credit card to pay them off. In addition to interest rates that you would pay on the amount, the IRS charges a convenience fee anywhere from 1.90 percent to 2.35 percent.

More and more consumers are feeling comfortable using their credit cards after the Great Recession of 2008 put a serious damper on the nations finances. If you are one of these consumers, then make sure to think twice when you make big-ticket purchases.