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When you check your mailbox, you sometimes receive brochures or application letters from credit card companies you never really gotten in touch with. This could save you more time from inquiring from one site to another shopping for a good card.

When you receive such kinds of offers either on your mailbox or email, you should not feel obligated to push through with your application. Still, the best way to find the best credit card for you is researching and comparing several cards from different companies.

When looking for a credit card, what are the features to check on? It is not enough that your card comes from a major bank or credit card. Here are some things that you should closely look on to ensure that you have the kind of card that perfectly fits you.

When applying, go for cards that will fit your lifestyle and interests. If you are into a regular traveling spree, you may want to go for cards which offer frequent flier points. If you just simply love shopping then a cash back or rewards points care is a good option you may take.

The interest rate should not be missed out. Be familiar with the different rates that may apply like the annual percentage rate, penalties, cash advance and purchases.

Aside from the rates, the grace period is also an important aspect to look on. Different banks have different grace period; the longer the period is, the better it is for the cardholder for it will give him more time to source out cash to make the repayment.

When you receive your credit card bill, don't just go ahead and pay for it. There could be some discrepancies and knowing how to calculate the rates would spare you from paying for something you really didn't purchase. If you aren't that good with numbers, there are online interest rate calculators that can help you with your computation.

Having a credit card in your pocket every time you go out is a real temptation. Since you can purchase without any cash, you tend to be impulsive but remember that this same handy plastic that is as good as cash can be the very thing that can lead you to a lot of debts.

Credit cards are best for emergency purposes so try not to max it out for you'll never know when you may badly need it.